Friendsgiving Songs to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy


Ahhhh Friendsgiving. This new tradition has quickly climbed to the top of popular holiday lists everywhere. Thanksgiving is amazing in its own right, but it can cause some people to feel a little bit of dread. You want the awesome food, and you want to be with people you love, but you don’t want your uncle to ask you who you voted for and spark a political debate.

Friendsgiving is the best of both worlds. You get the yummy food, but you get to curate the guest list yourself. It’s a dream! (Not that family isn’t amazing…but you know what we mean.)

Untitled design-2.png

As this holiday has grown in popularity, it has become more of an annual event for many people, which can require more formal planning. Some people go so far as to treat their Friendsgiving as their main Thanksgiving! If nothing else, a meal with friends definitely requires the perfect playlist…and we’ve got you covered over here at Snyder Entertainment!

Whether this playlist serves as inspiration to get you started, or you just want to play and loop for the night, this mix of songs will put you in the mood to celebrate good food, a chill in the air, and (most importantly) good friendship.

So, who here is hosting a Friendsgiving this year? How can Snyder help you?