FAQ Series: How Will We Know When to Eat?


A few weeks ago, we introduced our new FAQ series, where we give you a chance to learn the answers to some of the most common questions we receive here at Snyder Entertainment. We discussed whether or not guests can make song requests during an event.

Today, our FAQ series has returned with one that our DJs get asked in a variety of ways: You won’t be the one to tell us when it’s time for dinner, will you?

As a bride (or anyone planning an event), you likely have a checklist of vendors you are working to hire before your big day. You may have ended up here at our website for that very reason: you are looking to hire a DJ a check it off of your list! What can happen, however, is a variety of people offering different services show up to do their one job at your wedding, and the order of events is unclear. If you host an unconventional wedding, or you work in extra events, the flow and planning of the evening will not come intuitively to your guests. You need someone to announce the sequence of events to guests and fellow vendors.

It is not always assumed that a DJ could also manage the flow of an entire evening, which seems to be why we are asked who will let the guests know when dinner is ready. Here at Snyder, we believe that DJs can make the perfect MCs to your event, and therefore can let your guests know when dinner is ready, when to turn their attention to the first dance, a cake-cutting, or a special event. So, if you are wondering who will alert your guests to dinner time, the answer is: our DJs will!

Snyder Entertainment is not simply a group of DJs. We are planners, coordinators, MCs, and hosts. You do not simply get someone to press play on a playlist when you hire a member of our team. You invest in the quality of your event by inviting someone on board who can wear many hats and takes so much off of your plate!