Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween: a time for ridiculous costumes, sugar comas and, of course, killer music. (No pun intended). Halloween music doesn’t have a big reputation on its own. It only has one true day to shine, which makes it even more important that we all bust out the spookiest, creepiest tunes on October 31st!

Whether you will be throwing a Halloween party of your own, pre-gaming at your house before attending someone else’s, or simply sitting in the carpool line before you get your kid’s in their costumes next week, you will need the perfect playlist to set the spooky mood.

Our very own Bradley Ford created the perfect Halloween Mix for us all. It includes a wide array of songs that range from Halloween classics like Thriller and The Exorcist theme, to more current hits (think: Black Widow). What we promise is that you won’t hear hours of the Monster Mash on Halloween night, and that is a good thing! Click the link below to listen!

What are your Halloween plans? Or are you looking ahead to future holidays already?

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