#nashvillevents editoral: Come on Everyone, It's the Millenium..

Recognize the lyrics in our title? Well if you did then it's probably because you grew up listening to pop music sensations such as The Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Spice Girls, S Club 7, Destiny's Child, and I could go on and on. The point of this post isn't nostalgia but instead for highlighting. And to note the fact that I've been listening to NYE playlists on Spotify since December 30th and can't stop.. I'm suddenly embarrassed. But in all seriousness, I began gathering some 2018 wedding + event inspiration when I started working on Snyder's brand-sparkling-new 2018 Wedding Portfolio for all of our prospective clients, and as I started exploring new design ideas for the portfolio, I realized two things that I felt like I needed to share with you:

  1. I am 100% without-a-doubt a true millennial. I can't help but feel instantly attracted to any type of soft pink tones and I can't stop re-posting early 90's aesthetic photos on my Tumblr.
  2. Our company really does provide a ton of added benefits with all of our entertainment packages, and that list only continues to grow with every new year.

So here we are, and because of the latter realization, I knew that after the new year I had to take the rightful opportunity to showcase our free-of-charge, they just come standard, added benefits that are the foundation for every event, no matter the type of soirée or shindig you're planning. While our team waves goodbye to 2017, and holding out our #righttoopenarms to welcome in 2018, it's nice to know that some things haven't changed around here: my generational bias & Snyder Entertainment's exclusive inclusions..!


Included in every entertainment package:
-Unlimited phone calls, emails + meetings with the assigned DJ/MC,
-State-of-the-art sound systems,
-For weddings, one system for your ceremony and another separate sound system for your reception,
-Access to thousands of songs for your music selection + playlist,
-For weddings, we provide one lapel microphone for the ceremony,
-One handheld wireless microphone provided for all events,
-Soft background music for cocktail hour + dinner music,
-Dance floor lighting,
-Another back-up system on site for peace of mind,
-$2 million in liability insurance provided to your venue,
-Complete set up and tear down of our equipment,
-Timeline planning and coordination with your event planner, photographer and videographer (if applicable),
-Personalized online planning portal that allows you to easily go online and make song selections prior to the event, enter bridal party and/or important guest names, additional vendor information, day-of details, and much more!

When I say that we're the only entertainment company in and around Nashville that includes that many beneficial features with each of our packages, I'm not lying. Contact us today to learn more about each one of our four packages, and so I can send you a copy of the new portfolio that I only spent the last 5 and 1/2 months of my life working on just for you.

I have a no-emoji-to-explain-it feeling that this year is going to be great. Cheers!



Written by: J. McGee