#NashvilleEvents | Top Entertainment Trends for 2018

Here's a few of our favorite top entertainment trends heading into 2018..


Crafted Entertainment .

Any seasoned event pro knows that creating a cohesive environment is imperative to the success of the event. A major trend we saw in 2017 and continues strong for 2018 is the use of multiple specialty entertainers intentionally included and strategically placed throughout the event. Think party starters, celebrity look-a-likes, artists painting your event as it happens, and murder mystery characters decked out in costumes cohesive with the client’s celebration type or seasonal theme. The overall effect is innovative, engaging and practically guarantees that your guests will share their experiences on social media. And, let’s be honest, if your guests aren't posting about your event on social media, did it even really happen?

DJ & Live Music Mashups .


Elevate our DJ experience with the addition of a band or live instruments like the drums, electric violins, brass and more! This has been a huge trend for us already and it looks like that trend is going to continue! This music mashup instantly creates an interactive atmosphere that is fun and unexpected for both you and your guests! It's a great way to ensure that you're hear all of your favorite top 40 hits as they were originally recorded, while also hearing the sensational sounds of live music! By including both of these entertaining options, you seriously cannot go wrong.

Nontraditional Spaces .

People don’t just want a unique experience — they now expect it. One way event creators are meeting that need is through unique, intimate venues. In fact, demand for nontraditional spaces has grown by 3.8% in 2017 alone! Booking a unique venue for your event requires going outside your comfort zone, but it’s well worth the effort. A few of our favorite non-tradish spaces in Nashville include 21 C, Studio 615, and Circle at Razor & Tie to name a few. The truth is there are quite a few unique spaces opening up in and around downtown, so the list is becoming almost limitless! Holding your event in a nontraditional space makes it memorable. Plus, unique venues are often more versatile, making it easier to customize the space for your event.

Photos of Circle at Razor & Tie by Quinn Ballard

Early Start Times .

This is something that we’ve been starting to take note of and hear a lot more about. It might just be a me thing, but from what I’ve seen, event organizers are planning (and some already hosting) events with earlier start times. And for many good reasons. The main reason being that not everyone can or even wants to end their week nights or Saturday night at 9 or even 10PM. Personally, I’m already tired by the time the show, gala or whatever it is I’m coming home from, that the thought of cooking dinner or meeting up with friends sounds overwhelming. Because of this, a lot and I mean A LOT, of people don’t end up showing up to or sticking around until the end of these events. Planning an earlier start to an event will give you the opportunity to talk with more of your guests, and it gives your guests the freedom to enjoy your event then continue on with their day, night, and/or finish out the rest of their week not entirely exhausted afterwards.

Interactive Elements .


Now more than ever, and in large part due to the iPhone sitting either right next to you or in your pocket, people are placing a great deal of value on being constantly entertained. And that same feeling is spilling over into the event world as well. From corporate kick starters to collaboration events and private parties, hosts are seeking to find exclusive entertainment options that they can incorporate into their event, and luckily for them Snyder Entertainment has been ahead of this trend for quite some time. We offer a HUGE variety of interactive entertainment options from lawn games such as cornhole, bocce ball, horseshoe, and ladder ball. We also offer oversized, "life size" games like Connect 4 and Jenga. If you're looking for something else, we also have a huge list of arcade games, multiple photo booth styles, karaoke options, recording booths, a lengthy list of party enhancers such as glow sticks, and we also offer a list of Nashville recording artists for live music. And that's just the very beginning of our list, so please contact us for a full list of elevated extra's!

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