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When Brian and I first met with Clark Kelly over coffee, we were instantly impressed; from his look to his positive attitude and outgoing personality. Not only did he have a certain level of swagger that was contagious, but he also had a solid background of experience in the Nashville music scene. Clark Kelly moved to Nashville to attend esteemed music college Belmont University. In his second year, he was voted one of the best songwriters at the school in an annual competition. After graduation, Clark signed with Sony/ATV, a company that represents many top artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran. Needless to say his resume is just as impressive as he is. Clark also swooned us when he emailed over some tracks he had recorded of songs that he had written. As Brian and I listened to Clark's songs in the office, we both looked at each other almost both in tears because of the sweet lyrics, the sound itself was almost euphoric. Realizing that we had not only met a guy that we felt we were instantly best friends with, but also that we had met a guy who has serious talent, someone whose passion about music is inspiring, and someone who has serious potential in the wedding industry..

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when during a conference call with Clark, he told us about how he had written and recorded a song for his friends wedding, more specifically for their first dance. He wrote the song based around their unique love story; how they met, actives they enjoyed doing together, funny specifics, etc. He told us that he had enjoyed the process of writing their song so much that he was ready to start writing songs for weddings and special occasions full time. "Using specific details is my favorite part. My goal overall is to capture the essence of the relationship but also mention that the couple met at an open gym or had their first kiss on a banana boat. My hope is that the song will resonate for years to come." And that's when Brad, Brian, and I learned about Heaven's Jukebox. And when we all knew that this was going to be big; this was going to completely rock the wedding industry + revolutionize the way couples select "their" song..

Heaven’s Jukebox is a place to commission custom songs for special occasions written by professional songwriters based in Nashville, TN. Our creative team takes details that span from the ‘how we met’ to the ‘how she said Yes’ and crafts a completely personal, one of a kind song that will make your walk down the aisle or your first dance something truly memorable.
— Clark Kelly

Have you ever wanted to really live your love song? To have a song that's so descriptive of when you met the one person you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? I know when I hear love songs, I'm listening to find that one unique song that describes our love story, and more often than not I'm disappointed. Disappointed simply because there is never a love song that quite fits how and where we met, our relationship, our engagement, or even accurately describes how we really feel about one another. The songs all start sounding the same and before you know it, you're doing what my husband and I did right before our wedding day: literally picking a song at random. If you and yours find yourself struggling to find the right song, please ask yourself: Are you and your significant other like so many other brides and grooms out there who select a first dance song on a whim without having any special meaning or any heartfelt feelings for the song lyrics themselves? Or maybe you're like so many fathers/daughters or mothers/sons, much like my dad and I were, that selecting the right song for you two to dance to at your wedding was much more difficult than you thought it would be? Well now, thanks to Clark Kelly's serious songwriting abilities (aka Heavenly Jukebox) those song selection trials and tribulations are history!


✓ Confirm with Jenny at Snyder Entertainment to be sure that your date is available + that there's plenty of time from the date of the formal request to the day of your wedding.

✓ Formal request for a custom song is reviewed + accepted.

✓ Contracts are sent + signed from all parties involved and a deposit amount is received.

✓ In-depth questionnaire is sent to our lovebirds to acquire details to be used in their song. Skype or phone conversation follow-up on the details.

✓ Song is written, recorded, and sent to lovebirds on agreed upon date. Any remaining payment is received.

✓ Impress your guests + listen to your love song again and again, even long after your wedding day is over!


Because your song is written by a professional songwriter, using details important to your love story, there is a time frame that has to be respected in order for your song to be as professionally written and recorded. Clark only works on one song at a time, so the time frame is key in this process. However, eventually Clark will be adding other Nashville songwriters to his team to be able to produce more than one song at a time. If you're interested in having Clark write a song for your special day, then please contact Jenny in the office as early as you can.

If you're getting married in Nashville and want Clark to play your song live at your actual wedding, then he's more than happy to do that as long as he's available. This will need to be decided with Clark at the time that you sign your contract and pay your deposit.


Contact us today to learn more about Heavenly Jukebox, to schedule a time to talk about your upcoming wedding day, and to secure your wedding date for your custom written + recorded song.
Your wedding day is going to be memorable. It's going to be a day that you'll cherish forever. From your ceremony to your first dance as husband + wife, to the special moments between a father and daughter and a mother and son. Don't waste any of those moments on a song you heard one time on the radio that might be an okay option. Don't settle for anything less than incredible. Make every moment memorable, make it heavenly. Fall in love every time you listen to it, even for years to come. Let your love story come to life..
Written by: Jenny McGee