Nashville DJ Diaires | Married at Camp MarryMount

Saturday | 5.13.17 | Camp MaryMount

DJ, Emcee | Kamron Patterson

Venue, Camp MaryMount | Wedding Coordinator, Claire Hale | Photographer, Wind & Gold Photography | DJ + Emcee, Snyder Entertainment | Catering, Bacon & Caviar


Misty, folksy, indie, woodsy, endearing, homemade, charming, creative, rustic, Southern, cozy, vintage. I could go on and on when describing this wedding. Intimate and down to earth, this Tennessee summer camp wedding photographed by Wind + Gold Photography suits the beautiful bride and groom perfectly..

Nothing about this wedding was traditional. No bridesmaids or groomsman so there was no grand entrance. And I loved it. All of it. To me it seemed like one big family who loves to have fun, even though I knew that they aren’t all related, but it was just one big loving family of people. They knew what they wanted to do and they did it! 3.5 hours of dancing... and they danced every second of it. This group was such a fun crowd to DJ for that I wish every gig was like this one!
— Kam Patterson, DJ + Emcee
Baliando by Enrique Iglesias was a huge hit, along with a few other Latin songs. Kam decided to include a Latin set in the middle of the dancing since our Bride + Groom were very familiar with Latin music. Mambo #5 was another great throwback request by one of the guests, as well as N'SYNC's huge hit, Bye Bye Bye. Classic tunes from Michael Jackson, Price, Earth Wind and Fire brought out some killer dance moves. Superstition was a fun song early in the night that got everyone out on the dance floor. The last song of the night was 500 Miles, which they danced to all the way through, and when I announced that this was going to be the last dance, the Father of the Bride said "oh, come on, you got one more?" Kam said he had a feeling before his announcement that someone would ask that, so he already had lined up What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. When he pressed play on the final song, everyone got in a huge circle and had an epic moment to end an amazing wedding day!

Thank You | Wind and Gold for providing the gorgeous photography// And to Emily + Brian for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!

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Written by: J McGee