Nashville Weddings + Events | A Wedding Guest Style Guide

If you're like my husband and I, or even just a little bit style conscious when deciding what to cohesively wear to an upcoming event, then you know trying to select the right style for a wedding or special event can be stressful and totally time consuming. What if I told you that there's a way to get dressed and de-stressed? It sounds too good to be true, right? Not anymore. Thanks to our friends at The Black Tux deciding what to wear, with confidence I might add, for an upcoming wedding or event has never been easier! With companies like Amazon offering one hour doorstep delivery for groceries and goods, the face of customer service is changing and companies like The Black Tux are literally following suit and bringing custom quality rentals to your doorstep. Use The Black Tux's style guide below to effortlessly decipher the wording on the invitation to determine the most appropriate attire for those upcoming weddings + events. Own the event, rent the suit..


The tedious process of going back and forth with rental companies just to schedule an appointment, only to go back multiple times before even picking your suit up, are gone for good! Click this link to read more about how the process works + reserve your wedding tuxedo today!

Dressing formally is not an everyday occurrence. Suits and tuxedos are reserved for a handful of special occasions, so most guys don’t have a ton of experience wearing them. Which also means that knowing how, what, and when to wear them can get very confusing. If you can barely spell “cummerbund”—let alone know how to wear one—fear not; we break it down for you.”
— The Black Tux


Deciding what to wear can go from dreamy to difficult, especially given the season. Use the style guide above from The Black Tux + Rent the Runway to help you piece together your next great #ootd! Now you can cut the guessing, and get to guesting! For more helpful style tips, be sure to check out these guest fashion do's + dont's from our fashionable friends at The Knot!


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Written by: J McGee