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I am a semi-recent Bride, married not too long ago in 2014, and also a recent East Nashville homeowner as well. Upon moving in and unpacking boxes, totes and more boxes my husband, Ben, and I quickly realized that we haven’t used half of our wedding gifts that we were given that we registered for prior to even getting married! We kept repeating to one another, 'Why did we register for this, and why didn’t we register for that?'  We went back and forth discussing items that we really need but don’t have, alongside items that we have but don’t really need or ever plan to use. In my personal opinion + from obvious first hand experience, I think it’s easy for couples to get caught up in the fun festivity of registering, but  I would bet that at least half of the items that modern day couples register for go unused or are completely underutilized in their new life together. All of that to say, I've rounded up some of my personal favorite registry essentials for all of those real life needs, so that you two can choose the one that fits best for the future!

Chef-Inspired Cookware & Cutlery


One of the things that Ben and I love to do together is cook. Let me start by saying that we are both still learning, and he mainly does all of the actual cooking. But really though- I standby for moral support and to pour more wine as needed! Once we started cooking more often, we quickly learned that there were so many tools that we still needed. A few of those much needed materials included: sustainable serving pieces, stainless steel pots and pans (please do not buy nonstick!), a few fabulous chef knives, and everyday essential kitchen tools like proper grinders, graters, and plenty of good dishtowels for messy meals. Another thing that Ben and I love to do together is entertain. I most look forward to the nights where we have friends over for dinner. Personally, I believe that a great dinner party always starts with good cocktails and good ole mason jars! I love mason jars because they’re a versatile size for any mixed drink or cocktail you’re serving, and not only that, but they can be used for so much more than just drinks! I use mine for small flower arrangements, to hold vegetables for dipping, and for small storage containers throughout the house. Regardless, when it comes to selecting cookware, there are so many great options including: German made cookware creations from Fissler, a few of my husbands favorite brands-- All-Clad, MIYABI Knives, and Le CreusetAll of that to say: when it comes to selecting cookware: do your research and invest in the absolute best pieces because cookware is something that should never be bought cheap!

Stock the Bar


If you fancy yourself a dinner party connoisseur, then you know that registering for fab barware is a definite must. So today I'm teaming up with the geniuses at Nambé for a little peek at their Vie Barware Collection - contemporary pieces perfect for spicing up that classic bar. If you're looking to impress your guests, this is definitely where to start. Put simply, the new Vie Barware Collection from Nambé is awesome. It's everything you need to mix up those tasty libations you're famous for, plus it's a fab addition to any get-together with designs your guests will be talking about long after the party is over. I'm personally super fond of the Cocktail Shaker + Wine Opener, but every last piece is amazing. (Trust me.) Think rounded glass, sleek stainless steel and acacia wood accents that will fit in perfectly with those Mad Men-inspired dinner parties you and your love are known for. Plus, I love anything that can double as decor and these beautiful wares most definitely fit the bill.

Lifestyle Luggage


Some items are wedding registry givens (aka pots and pans, serving dishes and stemware) but how about those often forgotten pieces that are ideal for this time in your life? The types of items that will come in handy for future holidays, long weekend trips away from home, moving and so many more of life's most important moments. With a honeymoon on the horizon, there's no better time to add luxury, must-have luggage essentials to that registry checklist of yours. Whether your style is chic and trendy or simple and classic, we've gathered all the best options from our friends at King Ranch! From duffels to carry-ons, luggage tags, daily totes, backpacks and everything else that you can imagine in between, these craftspeople at the Saddle Shop know exactly which essentials you should invest in. And not only that but they also know exactly how you should properly care for your new pieces as well. Check out the chart to the right that their team emailed over to me to include in this post so that our readers have a more thorough explanation of how to clean + care for their new luggage, and the level of expectation for the quality and craftsmanship going into every essential piece. You can select the pieces that are perfectly suited for you, your partner and your future together as the two of you embark on the journey of a lifetime, together as one. Be sure to check out all of the incredible luggage and everyday travel bags offered by our friends at King Ranch, and make their one-of-a-kind luxury luggage companions a must-have in your marriage!

Dishes for the Day-to-day

Modern couples are returning to  retro registry styles while saying hello to everyday fine china for their everyday use. Heath Ceramics creates high-quality ceramics that my husband and I personally use + love! Their table settings make our one hundred year old farm table feel high-end hygge and timeless enough that each element still curates that vintage family heirloom vibe from our tiny, 1930's dining room. For hosting all of those upcoming in-law holiday gatherings, I recommend dressing up these fancy dishes with festive linens, placements and/or chargers, a touch of greenery for goodness, and wooden handle cutlery for chicness. (Pro tip: thoughtfully place a candelabra in the center of the table for natural light to dine by. The natural soft, amber glow of the candles are inviting and a great tabletop topic for creating conversation!) These to-die-for dishes are versatile and durable enough to be used daily!

Experiences, Expenses & Everyday


Etiquette experts agree that it's more than okay for all modern day couples to register for future date night ideas + activities, as well as  travel-worthy experiences. Since many modern day couples are getting married later in life, it's possible they already live together and have already furnished their home together long before registering for gifts. If you fall in that category, use a registry like Honeyfund to register for fun, new newlywed activities to do during your honeymoon. There are plenty of sites that offer options for guests to gift couples with everything from rafting trips to car rentals, Airbnb bookings to tickets for traveling using apps that are accessed all around the world! Not going on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding and still prefer an activity versus a product? Use a site like Zola to register for a cooking class in your city, or create a GoFundMe page for upcoming goal driven globe trotting!

Mission over Money over More, More, More


Aside from all of the "traditional" options of gathering all of your must-have gift ideas at Bed, Bath & Beyond, or the glory of gifting events and experiences above, there are more minimalist, millennial aged couples opting out of recieving any kind of gift for themselves as wedding gifts than ever before. These open-minded and outwardly loving newlyweds are deciding not collect more stuff or receive monetary gifts, but instead they're opting to give their guests the mission of giving back. Organizations like Weddings for Open Lands, the ASPCA, National Park Service, and so many others are partnering with wedding websites + well known vendors to help couples create rewarding registries and guidelines for guests giving. Now this is one trend that we can get behind a hundred and ten percent!

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