#NashvilleEventEntertainment | The 411 on Our Up Lighting

Accent lighting. Perimeter lighting. Mood lighting. Also known as uplighting, and it is a relatively new service to weddings- really only becoming popular in the early 2000’s. With the mainstream availability of inexpensive LED’s in the early 2010’s, the market quickly became saturated with a range of products, and people providing them, to brides and grooms looking to enhance their wedding decor and design. So what’s the difference between us and our competition? Well keep reading to find out what sets us apart from the rest when it comes to wedding + event uplighting..

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At Snyder Entertainment weddings, all of our lights are 100% wireless. The lights actually have the batteries inside of them, so this means no messy chords and nothing has to be taped to the floor. This gives our clients the ultimate freedom to place the uplights anywhere that they would like!

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If you’re looking or shopping for uplighting, this is important. Old school style lights were wired incandescent fixtures, that had white bulbs. In order to make colors, the lights were covered with translucent cellophane colored sheets. Once you turned the light on then there was no other way to change the color. Add to that, the fact they were wired lights, used a ton of electricity, and got very hot to the touch, and you can see why they’ve gone out of style and LED's came into the picture. LED’s are low energy, high output lights, meaning they last for thousands of hours before burning out, and generate almost no heat. LED is the future, and it’s already here in our custom lighting and uplighting options.

Quantity of Lights


If you’ve got a large number guests, or a big venue, or a variety of areas or items you want to highlight (several different rooms for example, or indoor and outdoor areas), we always recommend more fixtures to properly fill the space.  Generally speaking, if you have a layout already prepared, or want to schedule a  walk through with your selected venue, then we can give you a pretty accurate estimate on how many we would recommend. Chances are, we’ve been there before and already know. Sometimes, we can determine from looking at images online, or photos you’ve taken, based on the design that you're looking for. All of our uplighting packages include up to 18 up light fixtures per event.

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Controlling the Colors

All of the technology in our wireless LED uplights allow for our team members to control the lighting from the iPhones/iPads. Making for a seamless transition of color throughout your event. You might be surprised how changing the lights after dinner, can re-energize guests after a wonderful meal, and make for a high energy dance floor..!

If you want to get more information on our uplighting options, custom lighting packages, or just about our services in general then contact our sales team today.
Written by: J McGee