#NashvilleEvents | Social Solutions for Your Upcoming Soirée

Who says including social media at events is only for millennials? Not Snyder Entertainment, in fact we encourage clients to include and provide social media tools + solutions for their guests. Whether it's by including a phone charging station at a wedding, an Instagram print station at a product launch party, a Snapchat geofilter for prom, iPad kiosks for gathering email addresses at a grand opening event, or one of of our open-air Photo Booth options at your next holiday party. For 2018, top companies and organizations are expected to be on top of their social media game. I mean, let's face it: social media is hotter than ever before and it isn't coming to an end anytime soon. You don't want to be the only company left in the dark ages, the friend that leaves early because your phone died at the after party, and you certainly don't want to be the only one who doesn't have a Snapchat account yet. But seriously, by including social media at your next event means opening up to new possibilities, opportunities, connections, and it also means never missing an important moment. Read more about some of our favorite + obviously must-have featured social media solutions below..


SNAPCHAT | Taking pictures at events will always happen! Using Snapchat makes it so much more fun!  Add our custom designed GeoFilters to customize your event like never before. How it works:

  • Geofilter may be used by guests at the location of event.
  • Specified amount of time. (Up to 8 hours for guests)
  • Custom designed for your event by our graphic designer.
  • Used on your smart phone.
  • Great for creating custom memories + elevating your guests experience.
  • Take picture then swipe to the right to use the filter.
  • Send your custom Snaps!

One of our hottest services currently is our custom Snapchat geofilters and for a very good reason.. Snapchat is a social media app that has sky rocketed the past year for almost every type of event that you can think of; corporate, wedding, product launches, grand openings, marketing campaigns, town gatherings, private parties, and the list goes on. Now days attending an event without Snapchat, well to some generations is just considered a waste of time. Your guests are able to access your custom geofilters instantly once they arrive on-site for your event. The fun of Snapchat isn't about just having your phone out because you're addicted to it (obvs), but it's about sharing your experiences virtually with people all over the world. Snapchat drives that emotional tug-of-war inside of all us, that sense of #FOMO that we all experience. So why not be sure that you include a custom geofilter for your next event? Our design team talks with you to get an idea of what you're looking for, custom design it for you, and have it ready to go at your next event! This is an incredibly affordable option for all of our clients looking to elevate their events, not to mention it's all the rage right now. Since we rolled out our custom geofilters this time last year, they have skyrocketed and we've seen so many clients see success and popularity through these easily customizable creations! So what are you waiting on?  Let Snyder Entertainment create your next custom Snapchat geofilter!

IPAD KIOSKS | Kiosks are one of today’s best interactive tools for elevating any event. Our kiosk rentals allow you to easily promote your event and exchange information with guests. Our iPad kiosks require minimum set up and take down, and fit in any and all venues/spaces. We provide an attendant to guide guests, and our staff remains on-site in case of any technological difficulty for the clients peace of mind.

  • We can customize and install our iPad kiosk stands for your next event.
  • iPads can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the needs of your users and your event.
  • Need help with branding for your event? We can provide custom banners that mount to the front of each kiosk.

Our iPad kiosks are ideal for: sponsorship and event promotion, self-service registration, cyber cafes and restaurants, social media lounges, school libraries, large conferences, product launches, grand openings, interactive sitemaps, presentations, guest arrival and departure time log, live social media feeds, photo slideshows, digital guestbooks, and so much more!


MODERN PHOTO BOOTHS | We connect people through experiences with fun, easy to use services. Create, capture and relive events with our unique iPad-based photo booth meets social media solutions. Here are a few key points that we think you should know about before booking your social booth-kiosk with our team: 

  • First impressions matter. Branded touch points, including a customizable start screen, logo area and colors showcase you as the hero. Work with our design team to create multiple presets and make a lasting guest impression that counts.
  • We know that capturing leads is important to every business, that’s why we’ve built it directly into the kiosk. When guests send themselves photos, they also agree to receive emails from you.
  • Need something custom? No problem. Our team will work with you to create the perfect experience for any event. Need a partner to manage the experience from start to finish? Connect with us and let's make something awesome, together.
  • Our booth comes loaded with awesome photo features including GIFs, filters, and editing. Customize photo strips and Gif design. Our design team can adjust crop, order and background colors with ease.
  • The best things in life are shared. So, we simplified social sharing from the booth to the phone. Any GIF or photo can be sent to a mobile device and posted directly to social media, further amplifying activation. Guests can share photos instantly via social media, text or email. Photos are also automatically uploaded to a custom online Gallery where they can be viewed, shared or displayed as a live feed during your event.
  • Create custom messages when guests receive their photos via text or email. When lead capture is enabled, you can even customize your on-screen message with a unique offer or call-to-action.
  • Wow guests with custom Gallery backgrounds, colors, logos, and hashtags. Event viewing allows guests and anyone on the Gallery page to relive and share the experience with their network.


One of Snyder Entertainment’s most popular and in demand products is our one-of-a-kind open air Photo Booth! Since these snapshot photography stations hit the entertainment scene, photo booths have been a long running trend at all types of events and celebrations. Event professionals alike all agree that we don't see an end in sight for this must have service. Aside from being incredibly advanced in the market of photo booth rentals, Snyder Entertainment stands out when it comes to customizing your photo booth experience! From the moment you book a photo booth package with us, you receive an email prompt to begin thinking about your template design for your photo print outs. When deciding on a template, it's important to keep one thing in mind: what is unique about your event that can be translated onto your template? Meaning what are your favorite colors, text you want to include, certain quotes, possibly your destination, specific logos and images, activities, symbols, etc. that are important to you and your event. Once you decide on the important features, it becomes much easier to paint the perfect picture for your design. All of these decisions and ideas can be easily communicated with our design team to create your unique template.

Just recently we've started breaking away from the traditional selection of templates we’ve always provided and have started moving in a new, more modern direction. We will still send you a list of hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from, but starting now we will also send you the option to create your own customized template! Need some ideas? No worries, we will send you a huge list of multiple images, fonts, background options, graphics and more; making it easier than ever for you to bring your inner artist out and your ideas to reality. Another easy way to custom create your template- tell our design team what you're looking for and let us create a template we think that you'll love. This feature is incredibly affordable as well; we'll add the custom template option onto your photo booth package for only $35! Most local and online photo booth companies are charging upwards of $75+ just to customize your template with #basic graphics alone.

This custom option is ideal for weddings, corporate events, private parties, birthdays, graduation parties, conferences, destinations, product launches.. the possibilities are endless! Snyder's team of graphic designers can provide these custom creations for photo booths, green screens, Mirror Me booths, etc. Check out a preview of our brand new custom options below, see a few templates that we've already custom created (names have been changed).

So if you're ready to get more social media savvy at your next event + want to impress your guests of all ages, contact us today to book these interactive elements at your next event!

Author: Jenny McGee