Nashville DJ Diaires | Two Sweet September Soirées

This recap might be short but it's full of some pretty details + fun commentary from one of our most requested + high reviewed team member, Brad Ford! Jump into this blog post as we wave goodbye to summer and officially welcome Fall! There are so many more seasonal soirée recaps coming your way, so stay up-to-date on all of our latest blogs by subscribing below..!


Friday | 9.08.17 | Bagsby Ranch

DJ, Emcee | Brad Ford

Venue, Bagsby Ranch | Catering, Dickey's BBQ | Photography, Isabelle Beyer | Robert Blewitt Blue Rush Studios | Wedding Cake, Faboo Cakes

Brittney and her mom saw me DJ a friends wedding at Mint Springs Farm on 7/5/14.  Daniel and McCall.  She decided to book me when she ever got married and 3 years later I got to be a part of her wedding.  But not only were Daniel and McCall there but another couple that I served on March 21st 2015 were also there.  Brent and Katherine Kroemer.  Brent was a groomsmen for Jake this last Saturday.  Not to mention there were 2-3 other people that I knew very very well at this wedding all from different paths of life.  So this was a very fun event for me.  My favorite song choice of theirs was the first dance.  They used a Sammy Arriaga song called Banjos and Bongos.  It was upbeat and fit their personalities perfectly!  We did all the special songs back to back and what was fun was that the groomsmen just stood to the side of the dance floor during each song doing choreographed moves like the temptations or the the Pips.  The whole night was like this….just fun.  What really made this night special were the dedications.  Dedications are a great way to get intimate and really pull people into the party in a personal way.  We dedicated 6-7 songs to Brittney and Jake’s guests.  The standouts were Billie Jean which was dedicated to 2 guys who sang the song to a hot dog vendor downtown one night to get a free T-shirt.  So we played the song and threw down T shirts from the balcony for them.  They put on the t shirts and danced!  Everyone lost it.  One of my other favorites was for a guy who LOVES Ke$ha.  So I took the dedicated song and mashed it up with like 4 other Ke$ha songs.  My intent was not really play the whole mix but overtime I went to mix into the next song the dance floor just kept going HARD for each new Ke$ha song that came up so I just went with it.  It ended up being a big moment.  Another moment I really liked was the walk out music.  Brittney loves bluegrass music and she thought it would be fun to play “White Trash Wedding” by the Dixie Chicks.  That’s a hard song to figure out how to fit in to a dance floor.  But it just so happened that Brittney’s mom had some bags on every table of an amazing sweet recipe that she calls “white trash.”  So when I gave the exit instructions and encourage everyone to pick up their bags of “white trash” I played the song “White Trash Wedding” and Brittney lost it.  It was so much fun!


Saturday | 9.16.17 | Mint Springs Farm

DJ, Emcee | Brad Ford

The think the stand out special song of the night was a mashup of ton of songs that Sam danced with his mom on.  They choreographed the whole thing and it was a lot of fun.  I mashed up My Wish, Happy, Thriller, Uptown Funk, Low and then back into My Wish.  Hear it below.  Their first dance was to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran which is one my new favorite first dance songs.  Other than that there weren’t any stand out songs but this group was a INCREDIBLE dance crowd.  They really really stayed on the floor the whole night and were a joy to DJ for!