Nashville Weddings + Events | What to Expect from Our Team on Your Day-Of

We love our clients! No, seriously we do. All of them. Yes, even the Mother of the Bride who repeatedly calls me in the office to ask random questions and vent about wedding planning. In fact we love our clients so much that we work day in and day out to plan, prep, and perfect for your upcoming event to the best of our abilities, starting in the office with me and out into the field with your assigned DJ, Emcee. That means that every single step is important to our team, from the moment you make the first initial phone call and even after we've packed up our gear and are headed back home after your event. We're constantly searching to find new ways to make the event prep and planning for our clients easier, smart phone accessible, and less of a headache. So that starts with us, onto your expectations, and ends with our performance. Think about it this way: you've selected your entertainment package, you've entered in song selections for your must play songs and special moments, you've paid your remaining balance in full, and now it's time for your event! So what should you now expect from our team at this point?

Well, here are five featured points regarding arrival expectations..!


1) You should expect that our team is thoroughly prepared. Our team should always arrive at your event completely prepared in regards to all of our contracted responsibilities and services. This means working with other vendors ahead of time for the timeline, playlist prep, pronunciation of names, and the list goes on and on. Our team should always arrive in a good mood with a positive outlook and a contagious feeling of excitement to kick off your event! No. Matter. What.

2) Being on time. Our team will show up at least 1 to 2 hours prior to your scheduled start time, unless requested to arrive any earlier. This gives us more than enough time to set up our equipment, run a few sound checks, and take care of any other literal loose ends before your event even begins!

Brad Ford Emcee.png

3) Your DJ, and any other team members present at your event to tech or run a photo booth, should all be dressed in business casual attire meaning a pressed button down shirt, the occasional tie or fitted vest, dress pants, and comfortable yet stylish shoes. Hair and facial grooming will be kept neat and is personal for each team member. Our team always looks fashionably fly unless the client(s) request that our staff dress to match an events theme or a given required uniform.

4) Ready to press play. This ties into all of the above but I just want to reiterate this particular point again. Our team of professionally trained DJ's, Emcee's and Tech's thrive off of being totally prepared prior to arriving; from the playlist stored on their computer and the backup jump drive in their bag, to the completely separate sound system in their vehicle in case a computer decides to unexpectedly crash right before the first dance. But seriously, your assigned team member will have additional copies of your playlist, song selections, and printed forms from all of the planning that the two of you have done. This is done to avoid any mishaps, mistakes, or "my bad's!"

The Cordelle Megan + Kyle .3.jpg

5) A clean, minimalist setup of the DJ equipment. Brian teaches each of our guys exactly how to setup their gear, tape down wires, hide wires, and leave only a very clean and professional appearance from their table. Think about it- do you really want a ton of computer wires in the background of the pictures from your event that you'll likely keep forever? Yeah, me neither.

We pride ourselves on being Nashville's absolute best entertainment company and with that comes a lot of responsibility + a lot of expectations. But we love what we do, and we aim to project that onto each and every event that we're a part of.  Easy as that.
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Written by Jenny McGee