Nashville DJ Diaires | Get to Know Our Techs!

Music Mixers, photo booth gurus, lighting experts.. aka our techs. They are professionally trained to handle the technical aspects of all events which allows the EMCEE more interaction with you and your guests. Although it may seem like all this persons job is just to hit play, that simply isn't the case. The Music Mixer position is vital to all of our events and the details of each ideal timeline. For each event we assign a "two man team" of one DJ/MC and one Tech; this allows for a more even flow of the evening and for the EMCEE to step out from behind the computer to be more interactive and engaging. For example, lets say there's a sweet moment happening on the dance floor right after the cake cutting, instead of rushing through that time, the EMCEE will signal the Tech to let him or her know. This allows the moment to play out naturally, instead of hurrying to stay on the designated timeline. Aside from the music mixer, we also provide techs for our photo booths, green-screens, and other interactive stations. All of our techs go through professional training and learning from others on our team, for a minimum length of 3 months depending on prior experience and the skills necessary. We're proud of the work that our techs do for us, and they are key in each events success!

Casey Davis

A Nashville native, a mother and a wife, a trained martial artist, and a lover of hockey, music, and gluten-free food; Casey is an all around MVP. Casey has been a part of our team since 2014, along with her husband Michael who DJ's part time for us. Casey worked with Brian in the Nashville radio industry, and was excited at the opportunity to jump on board and apply her radio skills to the event industry. Casey knows the ends and outs of events, from understanding every detail on the timeline, controlling the lighting, and reading the crowd. She's a spunky, high spirited, always ready to work type of woman, and she's the type of person that you can always count on which means a lot when it comes to the nature of our business. She's worked weddings, corporate events, photo booths, and more for us. Casey's full-time job, aside from being a wonderful mother, is as a realtor for Benchmark Realty here in Nashville. She's an incredible asset to Snyder Entertainment, and we're so lucky to have her as one of our friends and on our team!


Donald, also known by his stage name as Dirty D, has been such an important part of the team since the very, very beginning. Aside from being Brian's dad, he's consistently working photo booths, setting up lighting, toting equipment for us, housing equipment, customizing tables and bins with our logo, and much more. He always brings a smile, a good attitude, and the party with him. When he works photo booths for us he's usually joined by his sweet wife, Dorenda. They are a dynamic duo that our clients and their guests always love talking with and getting to know. Donald takes a detailed approach to every event that he's a part of, always triple checking information and event preparations. He is always willing to help in any way that he can, and that is truly an irreplaceable quality. We love working with Donald and Dorenda, and we're so glad that we have them both on our team!

Andy Dozier

Andy recently joined our team in April 2016, and since he started we have seen so much growth and promise from him. A guy whose grown up in Nashville and a rock star on the music scene, Andy came to join our Snyder Entertainment family through a referral from me! Growing up with Andy, I knew that he was an incredible person and a hard worker, so when Brian started looking to bring some new people on board, I knew I needed to at least call Andy and see if he was interested. He's been a good fit with our team, and he jumped right on board working different events from being the photo booth attendant to learning how to use the DJ equipment. He's always eager to learn, working as many events as he can, and he does everything with a smile. Andy recently graduated with his Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and hopes to pursue a career in that field. Andy is a lover of music, Italian food, basketball, and making the people around him happy. We're all so glad to have Andy on our team, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him as he continues forward with us!

Jon Human

Jon has been a part of our team on and off since 2013, and last year when he and his wife Carrie got married Snyder Entertainment was all over their wedding! Brad officiated the wedding, Brian was the MC/DJ, and Thames worked their photo booth. Jon and Brad play in a band together, so they have the same taste in music and event style. When they work together it's a very natural and smooth evening without hesitation. He has worked the photo booth for us in the past, but he mostly techs alongside Brad. Jon is extremely technical and very smart, so he is an incredible addition to our team. Jon and Carrie just welcomed their first child on August 1st, and we are so excited for both of them! Jon works full time at Western Express and he's a a huge Red Sox fan. Jon is a great guy overall and we're so glad to have him on our team!

Thames Jackson

Thames has been with us since 2009 as one of our most loyal tech team members! Thames worked with Brian at Dell and continues his career there currently. Thames has worked many, many photo booths with us and has become a real pro at it. He's a fun loving guy, willing to help in any way that he can, and always goes out of his way to make sure all of the guests have fun at the photo booth; grabbing props, striking poses, and putting the scrapbook together for our couples. He's worked many different events with us from weddings to corporate events, and he's traveled with the team to our annual DJ conference in Las Vegas. Thames has a wonderfully fun wife, Angelia, who we love seeing time to time at different events. He has donated a lot of his time and hard work to Snyder Entertainment, and we're so #blessed that we have someone as true as Thames on our team!

Snyder Entertainment is hiring DJ's and we have room for you! Join Nashville's largest and most rapidly growing event company, Snyder Entertainment. The Host MC/DJ position is part time at 10 -15 hrs/weekend. They will manage the flow of events, make announcements, mix the music, deliver exceptional customer service, and ensure everybody is having a great time at our events. No prior DJ experience is required, training will be provided. The following is exactly what we are looking for: MC wedding receptions, making announcements and introducing wedding party; Manage the timeline + flow of events; Deliver an incredible event experience; Meet with the clients/couples to review their event/wedding plans; Assist our photo booth + lighting teams.. and more!

10-15 hours per weekend
$18-$26/Hourly after training

Fun and outgoing personality
Your own reliable transportation
Valid driver's license
Able to lift gear in and out of venue
Available to work weekends + nights

Preferred Experience:
Microphone use, public speaking
Music knowledge
Service Industry oriented

If you're interested in joining our team, please send your information to:

Written by: J. McGee