Snyder Entertainment + Regalo Design: The Perfect Proposal

Regalo Design provides a proposal service, and we're fortunate enough that they have invited us to be a part of these sweet moments multiple times, providing various Snyder Entertainment specialty services. "Marriage proposals are a big deal. There is so much pressure to make sure you get things right. You only get one shot at making the first statement in your journey to becoming man and wife. Additionally, this is one of the few times where the decision making is left completely up to you. Let Regalo Design help you propose in a way that will have your bride-to-be and her friends talking for years to come!"

Sarah at Regalo reached out to Snyder Entertainment to create and provide a gobo light to place at the Bridge Building downtown. We began working on designs and colors, confirmed the proof with Sarah, and prepared for the perfect proposal. Who doesn't love to experience such a magical moment?

how he asked

Devan + BG had been dating for some time, and he wanted to find a really unique way to propose to Devan. BG reached out to Sarah at Regalo and began the planning stages. The day of, Devan + BG went to have dinner in downtown Nashville, and during that time we set-up everything and got everyone into position. The photographer on site was Lauren Athalia and she was there to act as if she were taking photos of Stevenson Everett. Sarah was acting as if she was just a random person hanging out in the area with Brian.

After dinner, Devan + BG were walking across the bridge, BG asks Sarah to take a picture of them by the bridge. As Sarah takes the picture, Brian bends down to turn light on, and Sarah goes "what's that written on the bridge?" Devan turns to look and BG gets down on one knee as soon as Devan sees the light. BG takes the ring out, and asks the 4 word question that most couples dream of.. Will you marry me? She said YES! At that moment, Stevenson walks out and starts singing 'their' song, Chris Young's hit "Who I Am With You." It was a moment of love, and excitement as two people begin a new chapter of their lives together, and we're so glad we were able to be there to celebrate with them. Thank you to Lauren Athalia for providing the photos below...

Written by: J. McGee