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It's baa-aack. Our monthly The Best Of... series, but this time focusing on Photographers we often work with at various venues all over Nashville. About 4 weeks ago, I sent an email out to some of our favorite photographers asking if we could feature them in our blog, explaining the topic, the series, etc. I know it's a very busy time for our photography friends, so not everyone had time to participate. Here are a few of the photographers that we wanted to mention this time around. (Don't worry, we'll do this topic again!) These photographers work hard to capture some of the most memorable moments + small details at every wedding they're a part of. Below you'll find some background information about our friends, links to their websites, and photos from actual past events they shot. We're so grateful we get to work with such creative and talented individuals + teams every day. Enjoy!



We are a husband and wife wedding photography team that is passionate about love, marriage, and story-telling. We absolutely love what we do and the couples we get to work with. Our brides and grooms place a huge priority on their wedding photography and want to walk away with lasting memories that they can share with their children and grandchildren. Our lifestyle photo journalistic approach to wedding photography and personal relationships with our couples does just that!

We want our brides and grooms to be able to focus on enjoying their wedding and guests. We are professionals and spend the time needed to get to personally know our couples and their desires so that we can deliver everything they want without them having to worry about it on the day of their wedding.

Click here to learn more, see other past work, and contact Nyk + Cali.

Frozen Exposure Photography


Our happily ever after starts in high school, where unbeknownst to us at the time, we were just lockers away from one another. We never officially met until one fateful August 2009 night at our 10 year high school reunion. Bobby had finished 7 years in the Navy and was working towards his Masters Degree from Embry Riddle and Tanya had earned her Bachelors Degree in Photography from Middle Tennessee State University and was covering concerts for The Nashville Scene and wrapping up year 7 of photographing weddings.

We ended up sitting at the same table, kept casting glances at one another from the corner of our eyes, and during conversation, Tanya just couldn't help herself. She took another look at Bobby's big happy smile and grabbed his cheeks (much like an adoring aunt would) and exclaimed, "You are just SO cute!! Why did we NEVER know one another in high school?!" To which Bobby grinned and said, "I was a foot shorter and had a uni-brow."

Life was busy, even back then, so it took us a couple of weeks to finally get around to our first date, but once we did, we quickly found time for our second and third date- it was crazy how we just instantly knew we wanted to do our whole entire life together and we didn't waste a single second.

Now we are Bobby and Tanya Macks, and our pack includes Jazmine (12 years old), Piper (4 years old), Peyton (3 years old) and Paris (2 years old). We are embarking on one adventure after another and learning to enjoy every moment in this fast paced life where not everything is promised and every moment is meaningful.

To learn more about them, see more of their work, and contact them please visit their website here.

Greg and Jess Photography (Greg Smit)


A little about me...I'm an Australian living in Nashville, who moved here from the other side of the world for love and marriage. I am extremely blessed to have married such an amazing woman. Jess is the greatest person I know. She is my daily encouragement and inspiration.

I love to travel, I love snow, I love to eating all things chocolate, but most of all I LOVE taking photos! There is something so special about being able to capture a moment in time and create something that you will be able to look back on for years to come.

What do I love about photography? I love being able to capture genuine moments- when a groom sees his bride for the first time, or the true joy and innocence of a child playing with their parents. My greatest joy is being able to give an individual, couples, and families beautiful photos which will be memories for them to keep and be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. I am so thankful to be able to do what I love!

To learn more, see his portfolio, and contact him please visit his website here.

Justin Wright


Thanks for taking time to check out my work. I absolutely love photographing weddings and feel so blessed to have a job that I love.  I started photographing weddings 6 years ago and have photographed over 200 weddings from Alabama to Australia.

When I’m not taking photos I love spending as much time as possible with my beautiful wife and awesome son. We live in Nashville, Tennessee, and probably will never leave because all of our family is here and we love this city.

You can probably find us hiking with a baby in a backpack, drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, or serving our city with our church Ethos.  If I am not doing any of those things I am probably creating photography tutorial videos for Camera Camp.   I would love to hear more about you so please take a minute and fill out the contact form from the menu options on my website.

See his portfolio, learn more, and contact Justin here.

Thank you again to everyone who allowed us to mention and showcase your work for this blog post! For those of you who didn't get the opportunity to submit your work, please feel free to email it to us anytime and we will definitely give you a shout-out! Like I mentioned earlier, we will review this topic again, so be on the look out. Interested in not only hiring these photographers for your next event, but also hiring Snyder Entertainment? Contact us today by clicking on the tab on our website titled "Contact." Stay tuned for next months The Best Of... and as always, our team here at Snyder Entertainment hopes your day is filled with family, friends, and good music!

Written by: J McGee

*Property of all photos belong to the photographers.