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I've never been to Las Vegas but when the guys went a couple months ago, they brought me a fancy flashing "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign for my desk here at the office. You can imagine my excitement. So since I've never been to Vegas, maybe if I focus on the flashing lights, turn on some show tunes, and hear the constant sounds of slot machines ringing in my mind, it will be like I'm there! On second thought.. But ~*GoOd NeWs*~ for all of you that haven't traveled to Sin City yet either, Snyder Entertainment can bring all the fun of Las Vegas to your event by helping you host a Casino themed party! These are great for corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, and even rehearsal dinners. Keep reading to learn what all of the hype is about below...

Snyder Entertainment Casino Game Options:

  • Blackjack | with 7 Playing Positions
  • Poker Table | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Craps Table | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Roulette | with 10 Playing Positions
  • Casino War | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Money Wheel | with 15 + Player Positions
  • Slot Machines | 1 Position Per machine

Property of Snyder Entertainment.

Property of Snyder Entertainment.

Make sure to add our fabulous entertainment elements to really set off your event. For starters, including one of our professional DJ's to keep the music going all night long is always a good idea. They can play Vegas show tunes, Celine Dion, whatever works to transport your guests to Las Vegas in their minds. Secondly, when you add our custom lighting package it includes: dance floor lighting, up lighting, accent lighting, and a monogram light that can represent your company's logo, your soon-to-be new monogram at your rehearsal dinner; whatever represents your reason to celebrate! Another entertainment element to include: a Photo Booth. This is a great way to keep everyone excited, and the photos give your guests something to take home from the night (sorry we can't supply replicas of my flashing sign, there's only two made in the world). And there's even more we can offer to customize your casino event, just contact us for the details!

Are you interested in bringing Las Vegas to your next event?Contact us today! We host many of these events during the weekdays and can accommodate your companies calendar, rehearsal dinner needs, and so on!

Written by: J McGee

*All images are property of Snyder Entertainment.