Snyder Entertainment: The Best of Wedding.. Cakes!

When you think about everything that goes into a wedding from the venue, flowers, the dress, table arrangements, detailed decor, cocktail hour, buffet and plated entrees; there is always one detail that seems to be forever in style for weddings: the wedding cake. A wedding cake can be simple, it can be multi-tiered,  and the filling choices are endless from chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, to coconut, and more flavors than Betty Crocker herself ever imagined. It can be topped with fruit, flowers, decorative monograms, bride and groom figurines, and basically anything you can think of. Well nowadays it's not just the wedding cake, the grooms cake is a big deal, and so are the other dessert options such as cupcakes, mini-pies, small banana pudding cups, cakepops.. and the list goes on. I'm officially starving now. Oh and if you're not into the traditional wedding cake you do have the option to not have one, but instead provide other spotlight stealing desserts such as a cupcake buffet, a small single-tier cake with cupcakes surrounding it, or a dessert bar. The key is to make sure you have enough desserts to make a statement at your reception, and to feed all of your hungry guests!

Does he love the cake or Justin Timberlake more?

Does he love the cake or Justin Timberlake more?

Now that you've put all that work and time into deciding on which wedding cake to have, carefully selecting the design and flavor of it, and choosing other optional desserts, you want your guests to notice it, right? Well you're in a luck. Did you know that a service that Snyder Entertainment can provide on your wedding day is to shine a soft spotlight directly on your wedding cake? You may think wait, what? But you've seen it at wedding receptions, this light is what probably drew your eyes to the cake in the first place. A spotlight doesn't melt your desserts, and it accentuates the beauty of one of your most important details. The spotlight also enhances your photographers pictures when you're cutting the cake (see below), and it helps to guide your guests to the dessert table after dinner, and we all know that's important.

Besides the allure of the usually tasty wedding cake, the popular dessert also serves as a major focal point at the reception for everyone involved. Aside from the norm details the guys always give me after weddings, such as the flow of the playlist, song requests they received, how great the monogram looked, and so on, they always show me pictures they took of the wedding cake. Now this isn't a detail that's required of them to check out, and they rarely get a piece of it because they're busy spinning songs, but it's a picture that they always seem to capture themselves. And it's become one I always look forward to seeing on their photo-streams at the end of every weekend.

So in honor of wedding season officially beginning, here are Snyder Entertainments pictures for "The Best of Wedding.. Cakes!"

(Warning: you will be hungry after viewing these photos)



Non-traditional Wedding desserts + Dessert Bars:

Here at Snyder Entertainment we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too!.. Meaning you can have the best wedding entertainment and have the best memories from your wedding (stress-free too!) when you book with Snyder Entertainment. Call us today to secure your date. Happy wedding season!

Written by: J McGee