Nashville DJ Diaries: Prom Then + Now

Roughly 8 years ago, I was getting ready for my Senior Prom. My mom graciously spent her whole day helping me with my make-up and hair. I put on the fancy dress my parents bought me at Dillards, and everyone's parents gathered to take some pictures with their ~*NeW*~ digital cameras before leaving. It was a night devoted to hanging out and dancing with friends, all while saying goodbye to high school. Gone are the simpler days. Prom has become an affair, basically a wedding for teenagers. While approved apparel for prom has been upgraded, so has the entertainment; popular music, high quality lighting + decor, the best interactive elements. Going to prom is a true experience, and now more than ever, it's a very planned and detailed event for Snyder's team of planners here at the office. Most of our clients think of us as only wedding + corporate entertainment providers, but did you know that Snyder Entertainment partners with numerous local public and private schools every year to help in the production of their prom? We work annually with these schools to prep, plan and design the evening to their selected themes, elevating their entertainment needs and wants.

This blog is dedicated to those whose prom memories are a distant past, who paid $7 for Seventeen's coveted five-pound prom edition magazine, and got asked to prom awkwardly in the science lab at school. This blog is dedicated to the newest generation of prom-goers who are looking forward to what is one of the most memorable nights of high school. Getting basically promposed to with rose petals spelling out "PROM?" I also dedicate this to teachers who are spending after-school hours planning proms at their schools, and asking our team for some insight into how to impress guests using services provided exclusively by Snyder Entertainment. Grab your class ring, and lets get nostalgic.

First things first, you can't have a real prom without music. For us it was about listening to the biggest hits on the radio at the time, hearing a few throwback songs, singing loudly when the DJ played an old school N'Sync song, and slow dancing with enough room for another person in between you and your date. The dancing may be a little different but the need for the most popular music hasn't changed at all. Snyder Entertainment purchases music from Promo-Only inside iTunes which give us radio-approved versions of songs, so school linked clients aren't worried about bad language blaring at teenage high school students.

I remember our prom locations were usually nice, the ambiance was set by dimming the lights on the dance floor. Alas, still nothing like what it is now. Nowadays lighting is such a huge factor in prom planning, and understandably so. When schools can achieve complete transformation of a space through lighting, why wouldn't they? Snyder Entertainment offer up-lighting, dance floor lighting, strobe and motion lighting, monogram lighting reppin' the schools mascots, etc. Snyder Entertainment is stacked with so many different lighting options that can be completely customized using the best modern technology available. Let us help you light up the night for your students, a memory they'll always keep with them.

While I was doing some online research for this topic, I was stunned at some of the articles I found, My jaw dropped. Is this real life?!* Check out Seventeen's latest post about popular prom themes for 2016 here. A couple of our favorites: 1) Masquerade Ball- a classy and mysterious theme, channeling 18th century French parties or Hillary Duff in A Cinderella Story. Decor includes chandeliers, ornate masks that everyone is encouraged to rock; 2) Yule Ball- bring Harry Potter alive creating a magical wintry setting in the springtime. Recreate it with ice sculptures, fake snow, and twinkling lights. Send invitations that look like letters from Hogwarts.

Snyder Entertainment can help you bring any theme to reality! Who says prom has to always be the same themes repeated over and over? Keep it unique, let the student body vote on the theme, help with the decor planning, and hype it up to their friends and dates. 

In conclusion, (anyone else remember English teachers grading your use of that phrase at the end of every paper/speech?) prom has changed, no doubt about that, but what hasn't change is the excitement that swarms around the big night. It's a high school tradition, a sacred memory, and a farewell toast for Seniors. We all turned that page once upon time, some are preparing to do the same in only a few short weeks. Live, laugh, love, dance it out. #Prom2016

Written by: J McGee