5 Tips for First Dance Success!

It's peak wedding season for the Snyder Entertainment team. For October alone, we will provide entertainment for over 50 events. That's right. That means we will help over 50 couples have a first dance at their wedding reception. We've been too a few weddings before, and we've seen a few awkward first dances. Many couples forget that all eyes will be on them for their first dance, and it could cause a few extra nerves. Maybe you don't like dancing but still want to have a first? Maybe you have two left feet? Want to know a little secret? It doesn't have to be weird! It can be fun, charming, and memorable for you and your guests! We loved the article shared on Loverly so much that we had to share! Read on for 5 tips for first dance success! 

Jonathan and Shannon Harrison danced to Lady Antebellum's "Golden"  

Jonathan and Shannon Harrison danced to Lady Antebellum's "Golden"  

1. Pick a song you love. The first dance is YOURS! Pick your favorite song and dance to it! This is one of the few songs that only has to please the two of you. It doesn't matter if anyone else knows it because that's the beauty in it. The song you first dance to as newlyweds should be a meaningful and special song to the two of you. 

2. Keep it short and sweet! Definitely keep your first dance under 3 minutes. It could get a little uncomfortable for you if you are dancing to a song the length of "Bohemian Rhapsody." 

3. Plan it out. Do you want a deep, serious, and emotional song? Or would you prefer to have a lighter dance? This is a total personal preference between the two of you! 

4. What are you wearing? Believe it or not, some wedding dresses are hard to move in! If you're wearing a fit and flare or tight mermaid gown then some dance moves may not be possible to do. Consider your wedding dress and how easily you'll be able to move in it. 

5. Practice makes almost perfect. PRACTICE! If you already have nerves about standing in front of 100 people, then take an evening and a bottle of wine and dance with your fiance'. Some songs are difficult to dance to, so it never hurts to do a run through with your song to make sure you are comfortable dancing to it. 

Do you have any tips for planning your first dance?