College Game Day vs. Your Wedding Day

Have you ever Googled “Wedding planning during football season? “ I was completely astounded by the pages and pages of articles that appeared. New York Times even did an article about how horrible it was to plan a wedding during college football season.  Since last weekend was the official beginning of the college season, I felt it appropriate to do a special article of my own on weddings in the fall…also know as football season.

After reading some of the articles, my first thought was, “Don’t these people have way more important topics to be writing about?” It’s New York Times for goodness sakes. My second thought was, ”Shucks, they make some ridiculous but true points.” 

Guess what months are two of the busiest and most popular months to get married in Tennessee: September and October. These months are also two of the SEC and NFL's favorite months. It just so happens kick off is right around the same times as wedding ceremonies.  We have seen and heard our fair share of flustered groomsmen and plenty of rants and raves on wedding days. While we can't help but laugh a little at the rivalries and emotional highs from a football game, we also felt sad for the bride who was being slightly overshadowed by a game.

So ladies, the only way to avoid that whole scenario is to A, completely avoid the fall and early winter months (which are nearly perfect for Tennessee weather); or B, make the best of it! For those of you fall (college game day) brides, I’m going to provide you with a prep list and some ways to embrace your college football wedding date and ceremony kick off time! 

1.     TVs: I hate that I am even suggesting this, but it is an alternative to having upset or absent guests. If you're wondering, yes, some people will miss a wedding for a game. There are some wedding venues that have a television where the groomsmen can hang out pre-ceremony and indulge in some football. The time they spend watching football before the wedding will be enough to pacify the men enough to where there should be little to no complaints once the wedding starts. Expect some of the guys or guests to roam inside to keep up with scores, but for the most part, the TV was NOT a distraction. 

Does your venue not have a TV? We've got you covered! Snyder Entertainment has several flat screens that we'd be happy to bring to your venue and set up! 

2.     Incorporate Your Teams: If you and your fiancé are super fans, then embrace it! Make it a part of your wedding, especially if it is during the season. Whether it’s including the teams in your wedding colors, accessories, groom’s socks, etc.; designing the cake into the mascot or team logo, or having fun guest favors like fun cozies, or team shakers for your exit after the reception. Add that personal, playful touch that both you and your future groom have in common. 

Want to add a fun touch to the dance reception? We can customize colored lights to match your team colors! 

3.     Interactive Scoreboard: . If there is a huge game happening during your reception, ask a huge sports fanatic that's attending the wedding to keep up with the scores and major plays and ask us to make fun announcements. This could be a great alternative to a room full of the ESPN app alerts! 

My mom has literally said to me, " Ashley, you better not have your wedding during a Tennessee Vol's game." If you live in the Southeast, then you understand my mom's warning. Football season just so happens to be one of the prettiest wedding seasons. These teams will meet again, but your wedding day is once in a lifetime. If you fear that your guests will be distracted, embrace it! Your wedding will be one to remember!