Nashville DJ Diary | Why You Should Film Your Wedding.

This week's DJ Diary entry is a little different from our usual entry. This entry is about why you should, if at all possible, have your wedding captured on film. You will see many of our blogs featuring a highlight video filmed and edited by our team, but that's only a tiny glimpse into the wedding day that we use for us. I can promise you that capturing the day through a video camera will be something you never regret!  

The one and only reason is this. Do you remember watching home movies growing up? Do you remember your parents telling you stories and answering all of your questions about the people in those videos? One day, some friends and family won't be around anymore. One day, you and your groom will have babies and want to share stories and memories of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Your wedding video may be one of the ONLY videos we still have in today's day and age. 

Trust me. 

It's worth it. 

Watch a few of these from our friend Matt G.Video.  

Still need some more convincing? Will you remember your first dance? Will you remember all of the dance floor highlights from the reception? Will you remember the look your now husband gave you when he saw you walking down the aisle? Probably not. But your wedding video can certainly help! 

If for anything, you want a wedding video for memories. If you really sit down and think about your wedding day, the things your are left with after it's all said and done are a wedding dress, wedding photos, a wedding video, and a husband. After the year of planning, tears, stress, and panic attacks, these are the ONLY things left from that day. We encourage you to not only capture this special life moment on video and photo, but we also encourage you to hire an awesome DJ (hint hint) to help you create the perfect soundtrack to your wedding day.