The Keys to Creating the Ideal Wedding Reception Playlist!

A huge part of your wedding celebration comes from the music being played at the reception! While the focus is all on you, each wedding reception presents the challenge and worry of, "will people dance at my reception?" or, "how can I make sure everyone has fun?" This is exactly where the DJ comes in! After all, we are the music experts and we've entertainment large and small receptions throughout Nashville. We can provide our expertise to help you create your wedding playlists, but we also take the guidance from you because it's your party. Here are some key things to consider while planning your wedding reception playlist. 

Brad Ford is one of our top requested emcees and has an extensive music playlists. 

Brad Ford is one of our top requested emcees and has an extensive music playlists. 

1. What time of day is the wedding? If your wedding reception is early in the afternoon, then it may take some warming up before your guests get on the dance floor. When the suns out and guests seem to be hanging out and chatting, it's likely your guests may be a little shy. Regardless of the time of day, we recommend starting the reception with some classic, feel-good oldies to get everyone going and then build the playlist as the sun goes down! 

2. Consider your guest list. Are you having a large or small reception? Will you be hosting an older crowd or a group of your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers? It's important to consider and know your guest lists so you can navigate a playlists that is versatile and can please multiple ages and styles. We can certainly help you feel out your crowd and create a playlist accordingly. We've entertained large corporate crowds, wedding receptions of a couple hundred, and also the small intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest friends and family, so we are equipped to help with your playlist planning for any type of guest list. 

3. What kind of music do YOU like?  It is your wedding day, so you should absolutely include some of your favorite songs into your playlist! Every couple has a playlist or an old mixed CD or tap that holds some of your favorite songs. If they aren't great dance floor songs, you can include them in your cocktail hour, dinner playlist, or ceremony prelude music. 

4. Thought they may be oldies, they are still goodies. The ages of your guest will vary. Your mom and dad or grandparents may not enjoy the latest Drake or Nicki Minaj hit. Be sure to throw some of the oldies into your playlist mix! 

5. Don't be scared to slow it down.  It's always nice to give your dance floor a mini break by throwing in a slow dance song. Some people aren't big dancers, so a slower song is a great way to get some of your shyer dancers on the floor. You want to be sure not to slow the party down, so we can help you strategically place slower songs into your playlist. 

6. Go out with a bang. End the night on a high note! Whether it's the "Rocky Top" or one of your college spring break anthems, make sure all of your guests get on the dance floor and leave your reception with a smile. 

I can confidently say that our team can help you create the perfect wedding playlist for your wedding! Our team is full of versatile, experienced, and knowledgable team members that can help all brides with any crowd! We pride ourselves on seamless planning, preparation, and event execution to make sure your wedding night is when that you and your guests will be sure to remember!