How To Mix Sugar and Spice | Things to Remember While Playlist Planning!

One major struggle with wedding planning comes when the bride and groom have different styles and visions for the big day. You may like blush, gold, and ivory and your groom may want to use bolder colors; or, you want a wedding cake to serve guests, but your groom wants a dessert bar. These seem to be simple hurdles to overcome, but what happens when you can't seem to agree on the type of music you want played at your wedding? This hurdle could be a little tougher to overcome. Never fear, Snyder Entertainment's here with some key tips to help mix sugar and spice while you are planning your playlist!

Matt Morris and his lovely wifey manning the music for an event! 

Matt Morris and his lovely wifey manning the music for an event! 

This list comes down to three fairly simple keys. However, it's always easier said than done when planning a wedding!

Remember to be considerate. Of course, you should consider each other's wants and wishes when it comes to deciding any details for your wedding. You should not only be considerate of each other, but you must consider your guests! Many of your guests may not be familiar with the latest Coldplay album or enjoy listening to classic rock. Your music selections will drive your reception. It is essentially the soundtrack to your wedding night. It's very important to include your special songs and mix in your favorite genre, but there's a time and place to sneak those songs in! For the most part, you will want to create a playlist that will please your guests and encourage them to celebrate with you on the dance floor! 

Remember to listen and compromise. This goes hand in hand with being considerate. During the planning process, you must listen to each other and make some compromises. This isn't just the bride's day; it's the bride, groom, and the joining family's day! If your groom has a song or two that are very important to him, talk to us and we can help you find an appropriate part of your day to play them. Not only should you listen to each other, but be sure to listen to the words of songs! Sometimes songs can be beautiful but actually be talking about a break up or something sad, and we don't want to bring the day down by accidentally playing a pretty depressing song. 

Remember to have fun. Make your playlist planning FUN! In our meetings with couples, we often suggest that you plan a date night with pizza and beer (or wine for the ladies), play some of your favorite music, watch your favorite movies, and talk about different music that you'd like to have at your wedding. Even turn your living room into a mini reception with just the two of you. The best way to see if a song would be a good fit in your playlist is to try dancing to it! If the two of you aren't comfortable slow dancing to a song, there's a great chance that your guests won't either. Test the songs that are questionable. This will be a memory you look back on and will be so thankful for! 

The cool thing about playlist planning with us is that we offer a great online planning tool that can help you with your song selections. We have our entire music library on your account along with hits through the decades, a special songs organizer, most popular, and even song searches. You can see what is the most played at weddings and add them to your own playlist. Still need some more help? Your Snyder Entertainment DJ is there to help you through the whole process. If you need any recommendations or help deciding on what direction to go with your reception, talk to us and we can help you!