Do You Need Help Spicing Up Your Corporate Event?

We've all been to at least one corporate event in our lifetime. They are a hint of boring with a splash of uneventful. Why do corporate events have to be so lame? THEY DON'T! While corporate events do require some seriousness and company wide discussion, we can help you take the underwhelming feeling of dread out of your next corporate function with several of our services! We want to make sure your next event is one that your national, regional, or local teams will all be talking about the next day! 

The Photo Booth: This one is a given! Because corporate events can give off a serious, tense, or stiff feeling, including a photo booth is an easy way to break the ice! Not only will your attendees have fun participating and have a fun memorable takeaway, but it help lighten the mood and get everyone excited to be there! 

We recently did an event for Aramark at LP Field! Our photo booths and live band were the perfect additions to add a bit of fun to their event!

We recently did an event for Aramark at LP Field! Our photo booths and live band were the perfect additions to add a bit of fun to their event!

Lighting: Up lights are truly underestimated and understated. While lighting doesn't seem like it would be a popular addition, it can actually set the atmosphere and tone for the event! Think of it as mood lighting. It can have a visual effect that would be appealing and fun for your guests. Whether it's your company's logo colors or seasonal, we can customize several different lighting options specifically for your event. Want to know more about our options? Watch the video below! 

 Live Band: Who doesn't love live music?! This is a very special touch that your attendees will be sure to enjoy! Whether it's classic rock covers from the 80s, dinner or cocktail music, or some of your favorite Nashville country songs, a band is a guaranteed way to add a little fun to your next corporate event! Don't know where or how to find a band? We've got you covered! 


Games: There's nothing better to bring out a little bit of competitive spirit than to throw some games in the mix! We have a wide variety of games that we can provide for your event: casino games, arcade games, billiards, foosball, electronic darts, and many more! Need more convincing? We've recently provided the entertainment for a Casino themed corporate event, and the guests had a blast! 

The questions isn't whether or not your should spice up your next corporate event; the real question is HOW will you?! These are just a few of the ways Snyder Entertainment can help you with your next event. When we see your guests having fun is how we know we are doing our job. Our goal is to help you with the successful planning and production of your event. Let us help you make your next big corporate event one to remember with our local, Nashville entertainment services!