Nashville DJ Diaries | Mint Spring's Farm's Beauty and The Beast

On May 31st 2015,  Brad Ford had the honor of being the DJ and MC for Kayla D'Aguillo and Spencer Green's wedding.  They got married at the beautiful Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, Tennessee.  Now I know we have done a lot of weddings at this venue and have had many of them featured in our DJ diaries.  But the great thing about Mint Springs Farm is that they encourage couples to be different.  To think outside the box to make the day their own.  This was certainly the case with Kayla and Spencer!  Kayla's bottom line with me was that she wanted a party.  She wanted to dance and celebrate and have her guests walking away talking about how good of a time they had. 

What made their day different?  Kayla is a huge Disney fan.  So one of the things she did was hide Mickey logos all over the reception.  There was a stuffed bear with one on it, the chalk wedding sign had one hidden in the corner in the design and even the wedding cake had "peeking" ears on the side of it.  Guests were walking around the reception looking for the ears!  I know because I was one of them.  The theme carried on into the music and all aspects of the night. 

Their music selection was just was creative and outside the box as their decor was.  Kayla had an instrumentalist play a great song by Trey Anastasio from Phish.  "At The Gazebo" was a fantastic song to walk down the aisle to.  For the first dance song we played a deep cut by Coldplay off their X&Y album called "Swallowed in the Sea."  I have now added that song into my first dance recommendation playlist.  It's just unique and the lyrics are spot on for this moment of the night.  To bring in the fairytale theme for the rest of the music Kayla and her dad danced to a version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Spencer and his mom danced to Beauty and the Beast.  These went over very well with all the guests.  One of my new favorite songs is "Sky Full of Stars" by Coldplay.  We turned this into the last dance and it was epic!

The dance floor was strong all night.  I know it's a little funny but one of my favorite moments was the garter toss.  Spencer's favorite movie since childhood was Top Gun.  So Kayla chose "Highway To The Danger Zone" for the garter toss.  We started talking about it and hatched a plan, unbeknown to Spencer, to bring out a volleyball and aviator glasses.  Kayla was actually worried that he wouldn't get it as first.  But we moved forward with it and before Spencer could get the garter I told him I didn't think he was ready.  That he wasn't in the "zone" yet.  I brought out the volleyball and gave it to him and then put the aviator glasses on him as the guests cheered.  He looked a little puzzled.  I said "now that's better!  What zone are you in Spencer?!"  And without missing a beat Spencer looked at everyone and yelled "I'm in the Danger Zone!"  I was soooooo relieved!  Right when he said the words we kicked off the song and everybody went crazy!  He put the volleyball in Kayla's lap and went to work on the garter.  It was a great moment in the night and with just a little twist and planning it really became a moment to remember!

As usual it was great to work at Mint Springs Farm and to eat Chef Penelope's wonderful food.  I also got to work with Matt Andrews photography two days in a row at different weddings.  He does great work.  I think this was an awesome night.  It was definitely a fairy tale and a party all rolled in to one.  I'm thankful for Spencer and Kayla that they allowed me to be a part of the big night and for showing us all that you can stretch that creative muscle and truly make a wedding something unique.