The Thanksgiving Songs You Never Knew Existed

"Don't hate on people who listen to Christmas music early. It's not like there's a huge catalog of amazing Thanksgiving songs to listen to." - Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff posted that quote a week before Halloween. I saw it, took a mental note, and added that to my "to blog about" list. I did some research, my holiday loving friends. Since my mom is a firm believer in not playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, I want to be sure to have a Thanksgiving playlist prepped.  I feel like the event should have an amazing soundtrack going, but Thanksgiving has always been a challenging holiday to plan music for because there isn't a list of popular Thanksgiving hits. Low and behold, has that list. As Billboard describes this list, "This is music about food, giving thanks, and the holiday." Not only are these songs upbeat and fun, but they are perfect for the season of thanks and giving! Think of this list as the pre-game to your ultimate Christmas playlist! 

With a little help from Billboard's Thanksgiving song recommendations, I composed a great playlist (above) to play at my own family Thanksgiving gathering! It is the season of sharing, so feel free to use this holiday mix for your forced family function. There was one song I couldn't find on Spotify, and that was fine because Adam Sandler deserves his own video for his "Thanksgiving Song." 

If anyone can get this blog over to Jon Acuff, tell him I'm a huge fan! We are wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Do you have any go-to Thanksgiving songs that you play? Caring is sharing! Comment below with some of your favorites!