Tis' the Nashville Bride Show Season!

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged brides-to-be! You must be excited to start planning, so what better way to get your feet wet than to go to a few bridal shows?! There are several happening in the next few weeks, so we bridal show experts at Snyder Entertainment are going to give you a few tips and tricks on what to expect when attending a Nashville bridal show! 


Survival Tips:

·      Wear comfortable shoes. There will be a lot of walking! No one likes it when your feet hurt.

·      Bring a tote bag. Most shows provide some type of bag, but just in case, bring one so you can collect vendor information.

·      Leave the entourage behind. If it’s your first bridal show, it can be chaotic. You don’t want to have 12 people with you. One or two people (that can help you make decisions) will be just enough to help you navigate the show and to bounce ideas off each other.

·      Leave the kids at home. These shows can be long and loud. Kids won’t enjoy it, and you won’t enjoy them being upset. Make it an adult trip!

·      Create stickers. You will be asked to provide your contact information many times during  the bridal show. If you make stickers with your name, wedding date, and email address then that will save time and make it easier for you and the vendor.

·      Take a pen. Write notes on the takeaway information provided by the vendor! You will leave with so much vendor  information that you won’t remember who’s who. Notes will make it easy for you to remember which vendors were your favorites.

·      Make a Wedding- ONLY email address. You will be asked to give your email address at almost every vendor booth. You do not want all of us emailing your personal email with discounts and specials. You can keep all of your wedding-related emails separate from your personal and work emails by using a wedding-only email address.

·      Last, but not least, don’t forget to have fun! While this can be an overwhelming and often stressful event, you can make it a fun, exciting, and productive day for wedding planning.

These are a few of the basic, but most important, bridal show survival tips. We will be at the Nashville Perfect Wedding Guide show happening on February 15th at the Omni Hotel.  Be sure to stop by and check how we can help you with all of your wedding entertainment needs! And remember, no reception is complete without a photo booth!