Friendsgiving Songs to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy


Ahhhh Friendsgiving. This new tradition has quickly climbed to the top of popular holiday lists everywhere. Thanksgiving is amazing in its own right, but it can cause some people to feel a little bit of dread. You want the awesome food, and you want to be with people you love, but you don’t want your uncle to ask you who you voted for and spark a political debate.

Friendsgiving is the best of both worlds. You get the yummy food, but you get to curate the guest list yourself. It’s a dream! (Not that family isn’t amazing…but you know what we mean.)

Untitled design-2.png

As this holiday has grown in popularity, it has become more of an annual event for many people, which can require more formal planning. Some people go so far as to treat their Friendsgiving as their main Thanksgiving! If nothing else, a meal with friends definitely requires the perfect playlist…and we’ve got you covered over here at Snyder Entertainment!

Whether this playlist serves as inspiration to get you started, or you just want to play and loop for the night, this mix of songs will put you in the mood to celebrate good food, a chill in the air, and (most importantly) good friendship.

So, who here is hosting a Friendsgiving this year? How can Snyder help you?

Nashville DJ Diaries | Brittany & Jason Aldean Baby Shower

You all know how much we love to share what we have been up to behind the scenes, and today we have a pretty cool story to share.

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

Jason Aldean, and his wife Brittany Aldean’s baby shower was featured in People Magazine this week, and Snyder Entertainment was excited to be named alongside some fantastic vendors!

The expectant couple (of baby #2) had a beautiful shower at Allenbrooke Farms in Spring Hill, TN. Along with a host of other vendors (listed below), they needed a DJ for the event. They went with Snyder-specifically, our very own Bradley Ford.

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

Event Specifics:

Venue/Rentals/Planning/Photo Booth: Allenbrooke Farms

Photographer: Darling Juliet

Floral/Custom Art/Balloon Design: Foxglove and Heather

Catering: Dannie Holmes Catering

Cake: Copper Whisk Cakes

Signage/Invites: The Artisan Abode

Bar Staff: Simply Southern Occasions

Neon Sign: Shop Narwall

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

 Darling Juliet Photography

Darling Juliet Photography

What a beautiful shower. And what an amazing opportunity for so many talented Nashville creatives to get together and show off what they do best! We wish all of the best to the growing Aldean family!

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How to Host the Perfect Halloween Party


It’s Halloween week! We love Halloween over here. We especially love when we’re invited to serve a part in your Halloween parties. The truth is, we are more than just DJs over here at Snyder. We help plan, prep, and execute amazing parties and events every week. So, as you are fine-tuning your Halloween party plans this week, here are a few things to consider.

1.) Get Theme-y with Props


It’s Halloween, so you likely have asked your guests to dress up. If you want them to really get into the spirit, they should be met with a room that is as dressed up as they are. Halloween is not the time to be skimpy with a theme. After all, the theme is already done for you…no planning required! You just need plenty of props to make the theme feel real to your guests. Strategically decorate the areas that you know your guests will be spending more time at. That way, you don’t have to break the bank decorating every square inch of a room, but your guests will feel like you did.

Also, photo booths are a great way to get your guests interacting with some of the props, and they add another layer of entertainment to your event!


2.) Set the Mood with Cool Lighting

A Halloween party that is too bright can stifle the spirit of your events. You want guests to really feel the Halloween vibes as soon as they walk in. Along with props, this can be achieved with some creepy lighting. Keep things dim, and cast some different colored lights around the room. You can use lights to highlight the important things in your events (think: food, DJ Booth, Dance floor, etc.), and show off all of the creepy props and staging we references in point number 1. Casting shadows on other parts of the room creates a creepy effect, but also makes the negative space in the room less visible, so you don’t have to decorate every square inch.

3.) Let the music serve a purpose

If you’ve hung out with us on the blog for a while, you know that we feel like poorly-planned music can be the death of a good party. Whether you choose to hire a DJ, or you simply want to press play on your phone, be intentional about the flow of the music! You want your guests to be entertained!

If you need the perfect Halloween playlist for your get-together, see our post about one we already have ready for you!

As we already mentioned, we are party people here at Snyder! Whether you need custom-made props, great lighting, an emcee, or more…we have the people and ideas for you!

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Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween: a time for ridiculous costumes, sugar comas and, of course, killer music. (No pun intended). Halloween music doesn’t have a big reputation on its own. It only has one true day to shine, which makes it even more important that we all bust out the spookiest, creepiest tunes on October 31st!

Whether you will be throwing a Halloween party of your own, pre-gaming at your house before attending someone else’s, or simply sitting in the carpool line before you get your kid’s in their costumes next week, you will need the perfect playlist to set the spooky mood.

Our very own Bradley Ford created the perfect Halloween Mix for us all. It includes a wide array of songs that range from Halloween classics like Thriller and The Exorcist theme, to more current hits (think: Black Widow). What we promise is that you won’t hear hours of the Monster Mash on Halloween night, and that is a good thing! Click the link below to listen!

What are your Halloween plans? Or are you looking ahead to future holidays already?

How can Snyder help?

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Nashville DJ Diaries | Bad Boy Mowers Dealer Event


Every once in a while, we like to take a break from event tips and advice, and show you what we’ve been up to lately. At the end of last month, Snyder Entertainment had the pleasure of serving as one of the vendors at the Bad Boy Mowers Annual Dealer Meeting, hosted in Biloxi, MS, hosted at the Beau Rivage Resort and Convention Center.

It. Was. A. Party.

The dealer’s meeting was a three-day convention, that ended with a bang. Attendees were invited on the final night to a “Vacation Movie” themed party, where National Lampoon-themed costumes were encouraged. The theme was boldly embraced, and the result was exactly as wild as you’d expect a National Lampoon party to be. Scroll to see the photos and vendors we partnered with on this epic event!

  Wacky Games Casino Tables designed by Snyder Entertainment

Wacky Games Casino Tables designed by Snyder Entertainment

  Pig in a Poke Trivia Game provided by Snyder Entertainment

Pig in a Poke Trivia Game provided by Snyder Entertainment

  Comedian,    Gary Jenkins   , kept guests laughing as Cousin Eddie

Comedian, Gary Jenkins, kept guests laughing as Cousin Eddie

  Our very own Brad Ford making magic happen at the DJ booth on stage

Our very own Brad Ford making magic happen at the DJ booth on stage

  Snyder provided a Social Roamer photo booth for the event.

Snyder provided a Social Roamer photo booth for the event.


Snyder was honored to serve this event by not only providing musical entertainment, but giving the event extra flair with custom-made Wacky Game Board tables, actors who led the casino games, a custom Pig-in-a-Poke Trivia game, a green screen with European Vacation backdrops for photos, a social roamer photo booth, canons stocked with plenty of confetti and streamers, and plenty of good music.

We’re not just DJs here at Snyder, we’re party planners and all-around entertainers. It was exciting to partner with these other vendors to make this party the success that it was:

Photography: Whitney Cadavid for Snyder Entertainment

Event Planner: PRA Nashville

Props and Decor: White Door Events

Want to feel like you were there partying with us? Check out Brad’s 80s playlist for this awesome evening!

Looking for some extra assistance with planning and executing your next event? We’re here to help you take it to the next level!

Fall has Arrived

Fall Favorites.png

Football, warmer clothes, corn mazes, pumpkin. spice. everything. Fall has arrived, and we couldn’t be more happy about it! We all took a moment this week to reflect on what we love about this season to share with you all. Nashville has no shortage of fall activities and events (can you say HOCKEY SEASON??) to offer, but fall brings its own inspiration, no matter what city you’re in!

Check out some of the things the guys on our team love most about fall, and be sure to read to the end to check out a fall playlist!

”For me, fall means one thing, the start of Hockey Season! One of my other gigs is working for the Nashville Predators as a member of the 'Energy Team' and it's always great to get to spend time with my hockey family!" -Zack McCann

“Things I love about fall: Long motorcycle rides through the country, cold mornings, festivals, crisp nights, hikes through Radnor Lake, reading outdoors, etc.” -Chase Akers

“I’m gonna say seasonal scented candles, apple cider, and pumpkins.” -Jay Psanis

“In the fall, my family and I live for hockey! My son plays for the Jr. Preds, and we love going to Preds games!” -Casey Davis

“I remember fall becoming my favorite season around 5th or 6th grade.  I started to realize that everything started to feel different and smell different.  We were always having people over and doing campfires so that smell of something burning became really important to me for some reason haha.  But I think I mostly just enjoy the change of the leaves and the coolness in the air in the mornings.  

Favorite Fall Drink:  Octoberfest Beer

Favorite Activity:  Going to a Fall Festival

Favorite Song: Can’t choose, so I made a playlist for my last fall party.”

-Brad Ford

What on that list resonates with you? Fall candles? Preds Hockey? Being outside more? Listen to Brad’s playlist and share with us what you love most about fall! What events do you have lined up for later this season or next? Be sure to reach out to our team to get ahead on planning and make your big day the best it can be!

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FAQ Series: How Will We Know When to Eat?


A few weeks ago, we introduced our new FAQ series, where we give you a chance to learn the answers to some of the most common questions we receive here at Snyder Entertainment. We discussed whether or not guests can make song requests during an event.

Today, our FAQ series has returned with one that our DJs get asked in a variety of ways: You won’t be the one to tell us when it’s time for dinner, will you?

As a bride (or anyone planning an event), you likely have a checklist of vendors you are working to hire before your big day. You may have ended up here at our website for that very reason: you are looking to hire a DJ a check it off of your list! What can happen, however, is a variety of people offering different services show up to do their one job at your wedding, and the order of events is unclear. If you host an unconventional wedding, or you work in extra events, the flow and planning of the evening will not come intuitively to your guests. You need someone to announce the sequence of events to guests and fellow vendors.

It is not always assumed that a DJ could also manage the flow of an entire evening, which seems to be why we are asked who will let the guests know when dinner is ready. Here at Snyder, we believe that DJs can make the perfect MCs to your event, and therefore can let your guests know when dinner is ready, when to turn their attention to the first dance, a cake-cutting, or a special event. So, if you are wondering who will alert your guests to dinner time, the answer is: our DJs will!

Snyder Entertainment is not simply a group of DJs. We are planners, coordinators, MCs, and hosts. You do not simply get someone to press play on a playlist when you hire a member of our team. You invest in the quality of your event by inviting someone on board who can wear many hats and takes so much off of your plate!


Nashville DJ Diaries | Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Blog.png

If you live in the greater Nashville area, (or if you’re one of the many who traveled here to attend), you’ve probably heard all about Pilgrimage Festival this weekend…or the lack thereof. The torrential rain and some scattered thunderstorms cancelled many of the shows, leaving ticket-holders frustrated and disappointed, trudging through mud to go back home.

However, a duo of our very own caught some media attention this weekend as they kept the party going outside of Mafiaoza’s in Franklin! Not just for a few minutes…but for hours. In the rain! Talk about knowing how to revive a party!

 Photo c/o Jake Hess

Photo c/o Jake Hess

The rain didn’t intimidate DJs Kam Patterson and Jacob Hess. As guests were ushered out of The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, where Pilgrimage takes place, they stumbled upon a real dance party, which turned the day around for many. These two guys really demonstrated the idea of teamwork this weekend. Their energy fed off of each other, which kept the crowd around even longer, and drew the attention of dozens. The result was an epic dance party!

 The party didn't even stop after it got dark!

The party didn't even stop after it got dark!

 Thanks for saving the day, guys!

Thanks for saving the day, guys!

We’ve boasted quite a bit on this blog about our team, and how we have a crew of DJs who strive to go above and beyond, no matter the situation. This weekend we gave the people of Pilgrimage a real taste of what we’re all about! If you want a DJ for your event who will keep the crowd moving, no matter how crazy the weather or situation may be, contact us today and get to know us a little better!

Top 20 Floor-Packing Hits


Fall is just about here, which means it’s time to bring on alllll of the Fall weddings and events. As you’re preparing for your Big Day, music is a big deal! Our DJs are great at cultivating playlists for each client, but there may be some must-play songs on your list that you want to ensure don’t get left out. It’s wise planning to come to your DJ with a few of your favorite songs to provide a sense of your taste, and to make sure that your favorites make the cut!

To inspire you, we’ve curated a list of 20 hits that always pack the floor. This will be sure to get your creative juices flowing, and get you in the mood to dance the night away this season! Or, maybe all you have on your calendar this Fall is a lot of football and backyard barbecues. These crowd-friendly songs don’t make terrible background music for an evening with friends, either! No matter what you have scheduled, you need great music to go with it. We’ve got you covered! Click the image below to listen to the playlist!

PS: Reach out to us today to learn all about our team, and how we can make your big day as perfect as possible! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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What Can an MC do for Your Event?

We’ve talked quite a bit on the blog the past few weeks about the importance of a DJ, and what a DJ can do for you and your event…but another decision you may be toying with is whether or not to hire an MC, or find a DJ who can do both. To help you out, today we’re breaking down the who, the what, and the why of MCS!

First of all, what is an emcee?

An MC (or emcee) is the Master of Ceremonies at your event. He is the guy who is making sure that the next person to give a speech knows his time is coming, or that the perfect song is cued up at the right time. He is also typically the person with the mic throughout the night transitioning your guests to each important moment, making sure nothing is missed. Whether your event is your wedding or a corporate conference, you likely want your guests to walk away from the evening feeling as though things were well-planned, and that is you’re MC’s responsibility.

Ok, but what exactly does an MC do?

An MC wears many hats. You may hire him to welcome guests and announce when the audience attention should turn to a particular spot. She may be the person you have also given the task of keeping all other vendors informed with schedule changes or when they should be prepared to do their part. He or she may also be the DJ for your event. It’s perfectly fine to have one person involved with your event to double up as your host, as long as that person has the skillset necessary to guide your guests through the important moments. It can be tempting to ask the lead singer of the band you hired, or a family friend with a great personality, to jump up and lead a few key moments. And that can sometimes work out fine. However, without one person who is overseeing the entire agenda of the evening, you run the risk of losing all sense of flow to your event. Instead, your guests may feel like they are being ushered from one moment to the next, rather than simply experiencing the evening.

When you find the perfect MC, he or she can keep the different pieces of your event on a schedule, maintain a comfortable atmosphere, and provide direction to both key players of your big day and to your guests. This keeps everyone on the same page, and prevents moments of awkward transition.

You’ve convinced me. Where do I find a quality MC?

You don’t have to go far! Here at Snyder Entertainment, we have several DJs who can put their feet in both camps of DJ and MC. In fact, hiring a truly skilled DJ means that you’re already getting someone who is great at reading the room and helping guests focus on the most important events happening at different times. Our team would love to work with you on making your event the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about the DJs and MCs we have on staff!

Why you need an MC.png