Snyder’s Best Wedding Dance Advice


If you are planning an upcoming wedding, chances are that you have begun mapping out the different dances that you may want to work into your reception. The good thing about dances in wedding receptions is that there are a few hard and fast rules these days about the right and wrong way to do them. The bad thing about wedding reception dances is that it is a time where everyone is looking at you and you certainly want to be prepared!

Today we have compiled some of our best advice for wedding receptions and the dances that can come with them. We’ve seen our fair share of wedding dances and we want to share with you the tips of the trade!


Give the songs you choose some thought.

The first dance song that you choose should be reflective of your relationship with your partner and evoke emotion from both of you when you hear it. The same goes for mother/son dance songs or father/daughter dance songs. It’s easy to choose a cliché song that ‘everyone’ seems to do, but it may not stand the test of time when you watch your wedding video back years from now. Choose something that you both genuinely love and reflects how you feel about your parents or your spouse-to-be. You can’t go wrong with a song that makes you all feel the love!

Practice makes progress.

Now we are not here to tell you that if you get up in front of everybody and sway back-and-forth like a middle schooler that you’re wrong necessarily, but what better time to show off some new dance moves then on your wedding day? The best way to not get up in front of friends and family and feel clumsy and awkward with your spouse is to practice! Practice dancing alone. Practice dancing together. You don’t have to choreograph an extravagant dance-off for YouTube for your dances to be memorable.

Plan your outfit according to the type of dancing you’ll be doing.

It’s not uncommon for brides to switch shoes for the reception when they know they will be on their feet a lot more. Consider comfort when you think about the types of shoes both the bride and groom will be wearing for the rest of the night. Also, brides: make sure you have someone to bustle your train on your dress before you get out there and try to bust a move. Or some brides preferred to switch dresses entirely so they have something more loose and easier to move around in. Whatever your style, just to make sure your clothes don’t put a damper on you being able to dance the night away!


Consider spreading your dances out, but not too much!

This can be tricky, but a general rule of thumb is to make sure your major reception “events” are finished at a reasonable enough hour for those who may need to slip out to catch everything important (ie: grandparents, parents who brought young children, etc.)

However, you don’t want all of your dances to be so close together that your guests are sitting and watching only a handful of people get up and dance for several minutes in a row. That could be a little boring. Instead, space out your dances so that they fall after events that involve your entire crowd. Cutting the cake, a champagne toast, dinner… these are all things that your entire guest list will participate in and taking a break to watch you dance won’t feel boring with a piece of cake or glass of champagne in hand!

Get to know your DJ!

We obviously recommend hiring a live DJ for your wedding reception. Our professional DJs make it easy to curate a playlist that all of your guests will love, and can choose the timing of your important dances so that they flow with your evening. The nice thing about having a live person managing your playlist is that you can alter things and make changes as you need to in the moment. A curated playlist, no matter how great it may be, doesn’t have that flexibility. Also, take the time to get to know your DJ before the big day so you have the rapport that you need to ask for changes in the moment. Our DJs are great about getting to know the bride and groom before the big day so they have a sense of the musical tastes and style of the wedding that they are walking into!

If if you’re looking for a DJ that can help you master the perfect reception, reach out to us today to book a member of our team for your special day!

Nashville DJ Diaries | Prom 2019 Round-Up

Here are a few non-wedding related events that we've been a part of lately.. From proms to private parties, corporate events, and lighting production; our team has been all over Nashville the past couple of weeks and we're only getting started. Dive into these events and contact us today to start planning for your next Nashville celebration..

Behind the Turntable: Spotlighting Jacob Hess

Behind The Turntable.png

As we mentioned in our last post, summertime is so close we can practically feel it! To us, summer means so. many. events. It’s a great season for weddings, corporate retreats, team-building events, and so much more. When we’re in the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget to slow down and focus on what makes this giant balancing act work as well as it does, such as the members of our fantastic team.

A few months back, we did a “Behind the Turntable” spotlight on Jay, a DJ on our team. Today, we’d like to introduce you to another great DJ: Jacob Hess.

1.) Tell us about who you are, how long you have been a DJ, and how long you have been with Snyder Entertainment.

Hello my name is Jacob Hess. I’ve been djing for about three years. I’ve been with Snyder since November 2017. 

2.) In your opinion, what value do you think hiring a DJ can add to an event?

When you hire a DJ it adds an endless option of music that you can request and can really keep a good vibe throughout the entire night. 

3.) What sort of prep and planning do you do to emcee or DJ someone's event?

For the planning and prepping part of a wedding, I usually always like to try and meet the couple so we can both get a feel for each other, run them through planner and get any questions answered that they might have. Such as how they want the night to go and the kind of music they like to dance to. 

Snyder DJs 2019-18.jpg

4.) What sort of response do you look for from the audience, and how do you shift gears if the response isn't what you expected?

As long as they’re dancing I’m happy! Sometimes you won’t always have a full dance floor the whole night, but I’ll just keep playing songs to get a feel for what they like. Usually line dances will get the party going. 

5.) If you had to stick with one decade's music to work with, which one would you choose?

Well, for weddings it would be 80s all day! But for me personally, I’d have to go with this decade just because of EDM music and how it’s blown up! 

As Jacob explained, our DJs care about meeting you, answering your questions, and getting your guests on the dance floor! Chat with our team today about what else we can offer that will elevate your event!

Check back for more DJ spotlights in the future! 


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Pretty Palettes for 2019 Weddings


If you’re interest at all in wedding or event planning, then Pantone’s colors have probably come across your radar once or twice. We mentioned in a post a couple weeks back that Living Coral is Pantone’s color of the year for 2019. It’s the ideal Spring or Summer wedding color, because it looks so beautiful with so many neutral tones, but adds that fresh pop of color that so many brides love to accent with.

However, if coral isn’t your ideal wedding color, there are several different options out there for fresh color schemes that you may not have seen done before. We’ve collected some of our favorites that Pantone recommends for 2019 weddings and events.

Love in Bloom

Made up of soft, earthy shades, with a splash of bright fuchsia, this color scheme feels classic without feeling overdone. The fuchsia doesn’t feel too loud when mixed in with earthy greens and pale pinks and grays.

Paradise Found

This palette highlights that gorgeous coral everyone is loving so much this year. The shades of teal and green in this color scheme make it perfect for a destination wedding, or a couple who want to bring the tropics to their hometown!

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.07.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.08.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.08.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.08.20 AM.png

Golden Hour

This color palette highlights some vintage shades of gold, copper, and orange. These colors together are ideal for outdoor weddings, because the natural greens and browns of any landscape play beautifully together with these golden hues.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.58.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.58.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.58.34 AM.png

If this post inspires you, check out our post a few weeks back about the top trends to watch in 2019 weddings. If you want more creative ideas, our team loves to help you design your big day. Give us a call today to see how we can help make your event as beautiful as possible!

Spring Cleaning Playlist


Between the warmer temps, and Marie Kondo everywhere you turn, we’re all feeling a little more inspired to clear the clutter and simplify our lives these days. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and there’s no better time to clean out your house and start fresh!

Today, we’ve collected a handful of songs to inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There are some obvious choices here: ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ by Outkast, and ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen. While others, such as ‘Countdown’ or “thank u, next’, are there to help you as you cross things off your checklist. The rest are there to get you off your feet and keep you moving through all of the monotony of cleaning out all of the junk and dust you accumulated all Winter.

We put playlists out here on the blog every once in a while. You can see a few others HERE, HERE, or HERE! We’re passionate about music here at Snyder, and we believe in putting together the perfect playlist for any occasion, including your next event! Contact us today to see how we can fit into your next event’s plans!

Happy cleaning, everyone!

2019 Wedding Trends to Watch

The most interesting part about weddings is that they are always evolving. For a tradition that has been around for so long, it’s remarkable how nothing ever gets stale. The trends change each year, causing weddings from one year to the next to be their own.

So, in honor of all of the brides (and grooms) out there who are beginning to piece together their perfect day, we have scoured the hottest trends list and compiled some of the best ones for 2019. Get your planners ready!


Pantone’s color of the year is “Living Coral”, and it is showing up all over the place in bridesmaid’s dresses, floral arrangements, place settings, and more. If you’re wanting a classic color scheme with a twist, coral looks beautiful next to cream, gray, gold, and white.



Lighting Design

According to The Knot, lighting rentals are topping the charts in 2019 as the most highly sought-after rental. The days of renting statement seating for guests are moving behind us, and instead brides are opting to make a big statement with dramatic lighting!



Dramatic Exits

Confetti canons, and colored smoke bombs have crept onto the scene, replacing bubbles and sparklers for many brides. And, if the confetti exit idea strikes your fancy, we have confetti canons here at Snyder and could make your dreams come true!



Floral Accessories

Flower crowns have been around for a year or two now, but we’re starting to see floral necklaces, bigger, more elaborate crowns, elaborate boutonnieres and more.



Experiential Favors

Is there something about your city or the destination of your wedding that your guests may want to do while they’re in town? Give them the gift of experience! Vouchers for local wine or beer tastings, sunset cruises, and tickets to historic landmarks have become big gift ideas. It’s practical and well-received!



As you’re planning your perfect day, we want to be part of it! Our team fits seamlessly into any vibe or theme you’re trying to curate for your wedding day. As you’re creating your Big Day to-do list, don’t forget to add calling Snyder to your list!

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A Prom to Remember

Weddings, corporate events, parties, casino events, murder mystery experiences…what ELSE could we possibly add to the list of things we love to host? High School Proms!


We love to partner with local public schools to put on a great prom for students. After all, many of the services that we have showcased here on the blog our that we highlight on our site can translate to a younger crowd. Every great prom needs the same things that a great corporate event or wedding reception may have!

A Great DJ

More than just a playlist, a DJ can watch to crowd to see what is getting people up and moving, and even serve as an MC to transition to different types of events and dances. Having a live person spinning music gives the students the chance to request music if there is something they want to hear, and it creates a more personalized experience for everyone there. The most important part of prom is the dancing, so you don’t want to skimp on the DJ experience!


Lighting Design

Nothing inspires a night of non-stop dancing like good dance-floor music. Quality dance floor lighting is bright enough that everyone can see around the room, but dark enough that people don’t feel self-conscious about dancing. If it can fit in with your theme, that’s even better! We have everything you can think of when it comes to dance floor lighting, and after partnering with schools that had proms such as Star Wars…we feel confident that we can design a lighting plan that will fit your school’s theme perfectly!


Photography Services

A photo booth will give students the chance to capture lifelong memories with their friends. If all of this effort is going to put into one evening, a tangible photo to remember it by is key! We have photo booth options with props, social roaming booths, and more! And of course, printable photos include your prom’s theme and school name, to make it a true keepsake for all students!

If you are looking to take your school’s prom to the next level, it’s easier than you think! We are one-stop shopping for everything you’ll need, so give us a call today!

Fresh Ideas for Your First Dance


Wedding season is upon us, and there is no shortage of things to be done for happy couples everywhere. If one of the items on your ‘to-do’ list is to select music for your big day, we’ve got all of your bases covered!

We’ve talked a little bit about our process for forming playlists on the blog in the past. Our highly-skilled DJs can take a few of your favorite songs, and curate a mix that will mesh with your personality and the kind of music you were hoping you have at your reception.

The first dance is arguably one of the most important songs in any wedding playlist. It’s important that you choose something that reflects you and your future spouse, and that can feel like a big responsibility! You likely want something sentimental, romantic, but maybe a little unique. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas for first dance songs, we have created a playlist for you to sample some new ideas from! These songs also make the perfect addition to any wedding playlist, if you’re looking for some inspiration!

No matter your musical preferences, Snyder can help you craft the perfect wedding day playlist. Contact us today to get started!

To get an idea of what some of our wedding mixes sound like, take a look at this post!