Las Vegas, Bright Lights and Full Time?

This past week most of the Snyder Entertainment team had the good fortune of traveling to Las Vegas to catch the Mobile Beat 2014 DJ conference. It is one of the largest DJ conferences in the world and always a great time to unwind, connect with industry friends, and to expand our skills.

The Snyder Entertainment Team on the Red Carpet

The Snyder Entertainment Team on the Red Carpet

Why as a client should you care that our team was in Vegas last week? First and foremost you should know that learning is at the very heart of what we do. Our team attends monthly training sessions that work on both performance based skills along with customer service skills. Secondly, as a consumer myself I notice small differences. For example, when you eat at Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A; which one has the better experience? My guess is that you might like the food at one place more than the other…but you would be hard pressed to say that you had a better overall experience at Taco Bell than Chick-Fil-A. Why? All of the employees at Chick-Fil-A smile and always answer with “My pleasure“. They refill drinks when they do not have to, they pick up food trays and trash when they do not have to…all because of training. Our team cares about your event and we are preparing for situations at each and every event along with our conferences and monthly trainings. Still not sold on Snyder Entertainment? Ask your current DJ provider when was their last conference and last team training session.

When I think of Las Vegas, I think of huge hotels and all of the Bright Lights! No doubt Vegas is a sight to behold in the evening hours with lighting design all around. Considering lighting sets the mood so easy, it is no wonder that one of our most popular additions to any event is decor and dance lighting. The main reason is to create a feel or really set off the ambiance with a particular style of lighting. One of our priorities in the past is to expand our inventory of high powered wireless lighting which has NO power consumption, can be controlled via WiFi and it simply eliminate unsightly cords. Well, now we have changed the game in the Nashville market again. Now we have added wireless pin spotting lights to our arsenal. These lights have industrial grade magnets and clamps that allow for these lights to be placed just about anywhere. Now our team can spotlight your cake or head table with ease and still use less power. Bright lights of Vegas were just the start, now we are bringing even more of that bright lighting to you in Nashville.

Finally, this announcement is with great excitement. As the owner of this business I have been running this company alongside with my wife for many years while maintaining a corporate job Monday through Friday. Today embarks a new journey for myself individually as I will be driving Snyder Entertainment as a full time company from this point forward. Our goals will not change as we aspire to be the prominent DJ provider in Nashville for corporate, weddings and other special events. Lots of fun things are in store for 2014 and we anticipate sharing them with you here on our blog and our social sites. Interested in seeing us in action? Come on out tomorrow to Nashville Perfect Wedding Guild and see Brad Ford DJ the event and J Clark Anderson working our Instagram Print Station.