Nashville DJ Diaries | Already Talking About Autumn


Ready or not, fall is right around the corner, and I can almost feel the crisp weather and venti PSL. With autumn's arrival comes a whole new lineup of events- from weddings and company retreats to fall festivals and parties. We're along for the ride no matter the type of event, and we're looking forward to another busy booking season at the Snyder HQ.  In lieu of the soon-to-be season, I've detailed trending event elements sure to make planning your event easier than ever. 

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Personalizing the guest experience will remain front stage during 2018 and going into 2019. So, how can organizations + hosts alike tell their story to a large audience, while also creating a sense of a personalized guest event experience? Customizable and interactive apps such as Snapchat, Youtube, and ticketing apps like Eventbrite are just a few to note that are giving companies the connecting boost that they need to succeed in our social society.

For weddings, take your RSVP's online for an easy confirmation from guests. Plus, it makes it easier than ever for your to keep a running estimate of headcount. Combining trending, key elements will help play a big role when clients are working to portray a specific style or story, in turn to heighten expectations pre-event for a big turn out.
artincard  is one of my favorite new RSVP wedding websites.   Check it out!

artincard is one of my favorite new RSVP wedding websites. Check it out!


A professionally trained Snyder Ent. Emcee is priceless in guiding the event experience, maintaining direction and momentum, and encouraging guest interaction and engagement. Such as snapping pics in our social booth or filling the dance floor. A confident Emcee will be able to make impactful announcements to guide guests throughout the event, avoiding confusion and questions. I mean, is there anything worse than being at a wedding and starving and feeling confused about when your table is going to be released to go through the line?

Yeaaaah, let's avoid that at all costs.

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