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If you live in the greater Nashville area, (or if you’re one of the many who traveled here to attend), you’ve probably heard all about Pilgrimage Festival this weekend…or the lack thereof. The torrential rain and some scattered thunderstorms cancelled many of the shows, leaving ticket-holders frustrated and disappointed, trudging through mud to go back home.

However, a duo of our very own caught some media attention this weekend as they kept the party going outside of Mafiaoza’s in Franklin! Not just for a few minutes…but for hours. In the rain! Talk about knowing how to revive a party!

Photo c/o Jake Hess

Photo c/o Jake Hess

The rain didn’t intimidate DJs Kam Patterson and Jacob Hess. As guests were ushered out of The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, where Pilgrimage takes place, they stumbled upon a real dance party, which turned the day around for many. These two guys really demonstrated the idea of teamwork this weekend. Their energy fed off of each other, which kept the crowd around even longer, and drew the attention of dozens. The result was an epic dance party!

The party didn't even stop after it got dark!

The party didn't even stop after it got dark!

Thanks for saving the day, guys!

Thanks for saving the day, guys!

We’ve boasted quite a bit on this blog about our team, and how we have a crew of DJs who strive to go above and beyond, no matter the situation. This weekend we gave the people of Pilgrimage a real taste of what we’re all about! If you want a DJ for your event who will keep the crowd moving, no matter how crazy the weather or situation may be, contact us today and get to know us a little better!

Top 20 Floor-Packing Hits


Fall is just about here, which means it’s time to bring on alllll of the Fall weddings and events. As you’re preparing for your Big Day, music is a big deal! Our DJs are great at cultivating playlists for each client, but there may be some must-play songs on your list that you want to ensure don’t get left out. It’s wise planning to come to your DJ with a few of your favorite songs to provide a sense of your taste, and to make sure that your favorites make the cut!

To inspire you, we’ve curated a list of 20 hits that always pack the floor. This will be sure to get your creative juices flowing, and get you in the mood to dance the night away this season! Or, maybe all you have on your calendar this Fall is a lot of football and backyard barbecues. These crowd-friendly songs don’t make terrible background music for an evening with friends, either! No matter what you have scheduled, you need great music to go with it. We’ve got you covered! Click the image below to listen to the playlist!

PS: Reach out to us today to learn all about our team, and how we can make your big day as perfect as possible! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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What Can an MC do for Your Event?

We’ve talked quite a bit on the blog the past few weeks about the importance of a DJ, and what a DJ can do for you and your event…but another decision you may be toying with is whether or not to hire an MC, or find a DJ who can do both. To help you out, today we’re breaking down the who, the what, and the why of MCS!

First of all, what is an emcee?

An MC (or emcee) is the Master of Ceremonies at your event. He is the guy who is making sure that the next person to give a speech knows his time is coming, or that the perfect song is cued up at the right time. He is also typically the person with the mic throughout the night transitioning your guests to each important moment, making sure nothing is missed. Whether your event is your wedding or a corporate conference, you likely want your guests to walk away from the evening feeling as though things were well-planned, and that is you’re MC’s responsibility.

Ok, but what exactly does an MC do?

An MC wears many hats. You may hire him to welcome guests and announce when the audience attention should turn to a particular spot. She may be the person you have also given the task of keeping all other vendors informed with schedule changes or when they should be prepared to do their part. He or she may also be the DJ for your event. It’s perfectly fine to have one person involved with your event to double up as your host, as long as that person has the skillset necessary to guide your guests through the important moments. It can be tempting to ask the lead singer of the band you hired, or a family friend with a great personality, to jump up and lead a few key moments. And that can sometimes work out fine. However, without one person who is overseeing the entire agenda of the evening, you run the risk of losing all sense of flow to your event. Instead, your guests may feel like they are being ushered from one moment to the next, rather than simply experiencing the evening.

When you find the perfect MC, he or she can keep the different pieces of your event on a schedule, maintain a comfortable atmosphere, and provide direction to both key players of your big day and to your guests. This keeps everyone on the same page, and prevents moments of awkward transition.

You’ve convinced me. Where do I find a quality MC?

You don’t have to go far! Here at Snyder Entertainment, we have several DJs who can put their feet in both camps of DJ and MC. In fact, hiring a truly skilled DJ means that you’re already getting someone who is great at reading the room and helping guests focus on the most important events happening at different times. Our team would love to work with you on making your event the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about the DJs and MCs we have on staff!

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Nashville DJ Diaries | August Re-Cap

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and summertime really is coming to a close. Things were busy through the month of August here for our team at Snyder Entertainment. We had the honor of serving many brides and grooms at their weddings last month, but we also were seen all around Nashville at many corporate events. Keep scrolling to see our August highlights, and stay tuned to see what September holds!


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Why yes, that  is  Steven Tyler.

Why yes, that is Steven Tyler.

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Here at Snyder, we don't just offer professional DJ services. Take a look at our Services Page to see what we can offer your event, and be sure to

*Note: All photos included in this post were taken by team members.

Behind the Turntable: Spotlighting Jay Psanis

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Last week, we launched a new FAQ series here on the blog to share some quick answers to things many of you wonder. We felt it was only appropriate to introduce you to the team we have, as well! Behind the Turntable is a blog series you can expect every few weeks, where you will get to know one of our talented DJs. These guys are truly skilled and prepared to take on any event you may be planning. 

First up, we have Jay Psanis. Jay is relatively new to our team, and he took the time to answer a few questions for the blog!


1.) Tell us about who you are, how long you have been a DJ, and how long you have been with Snyder Entertainment.

My name is Jay. I also go by DJ Wvsp. I am an aspiring producer and longtime DJ (about 10 years). I have been with Snyder for about 3 months now. I was handed a lot of responsibility right off the bat, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

2.) In your opinion, what value do you think hiring a DJ can add to an event?

The value a DJ has at any type of event is immeasurable when it is compared to someone just throwing on a pre-curated Spotify playlist from their phone. Reading/ hyping up crowds, and controlling the tempo of the dance floor are things that can't be done from a smartphone. It truly is an art form, and when done just right the outcome can be quite a euphoric experience.

3.) What sort of prep and planning do you do to emcee or DJ someone's event?

Organization is key when prepping for events. Having music in the right destinations on your computer, knowing the names of important family members, and knowing the flow of the itinerary for any event are all vital parts of my planning process.

4.) What sort of response do you look for from the audience, and how do you shift gears if the response isn't what you expected?

I always look to get the people sitting in their chairs or standing by the bar out to the dance floor, all while maintaining the people already on the dance floor. It's about smart transitions and meticulous song selection made just at the right time. If the response is heading in the wrong direction, I always have plan B and C. 

5.) If you had to stick with one decade's music to work with, which one would you choose?

I would probably go with 70's music if I had to choose one. Super funky and fun all around.

6.) Tell us, for fun, one track that got popular that you couldn't stand.

 I really disliked that song "What Does the Fox Say?" I actually heard it recently and was like, "Forget this place. I'm out of here!" 


As Jay explained, a DJ helps create an experience rather than simply a playlist. Chat with our team today about what else we can offer that will elevate your event!

Check back for more DJ spotlights in the future! 


FAQ Series: Can Guests Make Song Requests?

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We're starting a new series here on the Snyder Entertainment blog: Answering one FAQ! This will make it easy for you all to know what our team is all about, and the way we operate. 

Our first FAQ within this series is one we get pretty frequently, so you may have the same question!

Can guests make song requests during a wedding or event?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes! It's your event, and of course you or your guests can request a song if the mood strikes. However, it's important to know that the logistics of everyone treating a DJ like a personal jukebox doesn't pan out well in every event setting. You must remember that not every guest will have ideal musical taste. Some requests may not fit in with the atmosphere of your event. Our DJs here at Snyder entertainment work hard to create a playlist that checks all of your boxes, to hopefully keep you and your guests on the dance floor making memories, instead of fretting about particular songs that may or may not be played! Here are just a few things that our team of DJs does to prepare your perfect playlist.


When you work with us, there is a level of pre-planning that comes before your event. You will have the opportunity to share which songs are important to have played before the big day comes. Some basic demographic information about your event is also collected so your DJ can plan appropriate music accordingly.

Creating different Moods

Any good party has a playlist that drives the different moods of the evening. There is a time for music that strikes emotion, such as a first dance. There is also a time for music that will get everyone out on the dance floor. Relying on your DJs expertise to create arcs of musical style throughout the evening can prevent you from feeling like your event is lacking anything in the song department!

Multiple Genres

Along the same thread as including different tempos and styles of music throughout your event, you also will find different genres of music represented. When a room responds well to one song, that signals to the DJ that similar songs should be queued up soon. Our DJs have multiple categories of playlists to pull from that ensures all of your guests will have fun dancing, and leave feeling like their favorite types of songs were played. 

To summarize, our DJs aren't going to tell you that you can't make requests. But, if guests start throwing out songs that may not mesh well with the atmosphere of the event, they may have to say no. The job of the DJ is to make sure that the music helps things flow smoothly and the dance floor stays full!

In the spirit of fun, we've collected some of our craziest requests our DJs have gotten in the middle of events, just to drive the point home a little harder that not every guest request is a good one!

Snyder Entertainment DJ's Craziest Song Requests:

The craziest request I have gotten would have to be "I'm on a Boat" by The Lonely Island -Jay Psanis

I’m sure there were crazier ones than this, but my first ever event, one guy asked me to play Highway to Hell because “that’s exactly where marriages go”. -J Clark

Let’s just say Big Pimpin at a Bat Mitzvah by the girl's father. -Kam

I got a request for George Strait in a night club. -Chase Akers

A 7th grade girl asked me to play Reign In Blood by Slayer at a middle school dance once. That one was pretty wild. -Chase Crosslin

My weirdest was actually two requests.  I had two weddings that were about a week or two apart.  At both weddings, I had a drunk uncle come to me at about 10pm.  Right when I was in the middle of Lil’ Jon, Kendrick Lamar territory and even though these were two separate weddings they both asked me to play “Tied To The Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers.  So completely random and so not a dance floor song and especially not at that time of the night.  They argued for several minutes that this request would absolutely pack the dance floor.  They were so eerily similar, too. I felt like I was in a episode of Stranger Things or Twilight Zone. -Brad Ford

So, there you have it! Our own team of DJ's craziest song requests. We would love to work with you at your next event to make sure you have the perfect playlist to suit you and your guests. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Back to School Season Celebrations + A Playlist

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Back to school season is officially here, and kids everywhere are mourning the loss of summer vacation. Their parents, however, are looking ahead to the seven hours a day they are about to get back so they can actually get things done, and they feel like celebrating!

If this sounds like you, and the eight long weeks of summer coming to an end has you feeling the need to let loose, grab some of your fellow parent friends and plan an epic end-of-summer party to celebrate your new-found freedom! If you need ideas on how to send summer off in style, we have some popular ones here. And don't forget to read to the end to check out our playlist, perfect for any back-to-school get together!

Adults-Only Luau

A backyard party like a Luau is great, because it is easy to fit into whatever environment you have. You can have a blow-out, complete with photo booth, DJ, and more, or you can simply play some music in someone's backyard. Gather around a pool, get some leis and grass skirts, make some pineapple-themed cocktails, and your party planning is done! 

Back to School Brunch

You know most of your friends are going to take the morning off of work on the first day of school to make sure their kids are safely in their classrooms. Take advantage and host a little mid-morning soiree! There's nothing more exciting than that first morning of freedom after school is back in session, and you KNOW your friends will be feeling like a mimosa after the chaos of car-rider line is behind them.

Rooftop Party

There are no shortage of bars here in Nashville that have rooftop patios to rent or reserve. August evenings are perfect for looking out at the skyline from a rooftop, and back to school season gives you something to celebrate! Invite your kid's homeroom parent list, and cheers to the new school year!


No matter how you kick off your back to school season, you'll need the perfect playlist to set the mood. Play some songs for your guests that reflect the excitement of the parents, and the theme of sending students off to learn all day. If you need one, we've got your back. Click below to listen on Spotify!

So your theme is chosen and your playlist is done, but if you think of anything else as you plan your next party, be sure to reach out! Snyder Entertainment is here for all of your party planning needs. Contact us today to rent photo-booths, hire a DJ, or simply ask some questions about how we can make your event great. 

Be sure to pin these ideas to remember them later!

Nashville DJ Diaires | Kicking it with Kam at The Cordelle

Nashville DJ Diaires | Kicking it with Kam at The Cordelle

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Nashville DJ Diaries | The Man Behind the Microphone

Nashville DJ Diaries | The Man Behind the Microphone

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