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If you're like me and you love feel good TV then you have probably become slightly obsessed with Jame Corden's segment, Carpool Karaoke. It's hilarious, right?! I mean who doesn't love to watch some of their favorite recording artists sing along to some of their favorite songs + their most famous for hits. It's made even better by the fact that they're riding in a car, relaxing, and just having fun versus putting them on a stage in lower Broadway, singing into a karaoke machine. I mean if you live in Nashville then that's probably not as appealing to you as it might be for visitors. And the same can be said for your guests. Snyder Entertainment can bring something to your next event that brings the cool factor of karaoke + comfort of your own privacy: recording booths. Similar in style to the idea of carpool karaoke but instead of relaxed and riding in the car, you're relaxed and able to sing your heart out inside of our sound proof studio quality booths. This has become one of our most requested services; ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, private celebrations, product launches, and more. Learn more about our booths + how you can reserve one for your next event below.. 


Custom built for Snyder Entertainment, this state-of-the-art booth includes:

  • Sound proof studio quality acrylic to silence outside sounds,
  • 3 microphones + adjustable stands,
  • Multiple pairs of noise cancelling headphones,
  • A sleek monitor displaying the song lyrics,
  • Up lights placed inside the booth with custom color choices,
  • One or two professionally trained recording booth attendant(s),
  • One or two professional sound engineer(s) outside of the booth. 


The process for your guests is easy, enjoyable, and always professional! It begins as the attendant ushers guests inside the booth, allowing up to 5 people at a time. The attendant quickly explains the experience, and guests then put on headphones, while the sound engineer checks the sound levels. The engineer will confirm and preview the song with the guests, and then the recording begins! The lyrics are displayed on the monitor, prompting the timing. Once the song is over, the attendant will usher the guests out of the booth. The sound engineer then transfers the recordings onto the guests keepsake memory drives, so that your guests can take their songs home!


These interactive entertainment elements allow you and your guests to step inside the booth and record your favorite hits just like they do on Music Row! Our dual recording booths were a huge hit at the NHL All-Star after party, and have been one of our most popular + most requested products since then for private parties, corporate events, and destination vacation groups.

Aside from the brand new equipment installed inside of them, we can add other interactive elements for your event. Some of those ideas include:

  • Our open air Photo Booth for guests to use while they're waiting for their recordings to be downloaded on their memory keys. Customizing the template and backdrop to accent the studio feel as well.
  • We could also create a true to life celebrity meets paparazzi scenario with our Step & Repeat Photography which includes a walk down the red carpet, photographers, and a custom backdrop banner.
  • We can also create custom playlists for your event, giving your guests multiple song choices. For the digital memory keys, we can order custom designs to reflect your event.
  • Lastly, we could set up our Green Screen in the selected venue that would help to create a true studio feel, while transforming the room; taking your guests out of a venue and into a famous recording studio on Music Row!

More than your typical karaoke, Snyder Entertainment's exclusive recording booths will bring out the singing celebrity in each of us. We can't wait to see how much fun you and your guests have with it at your next event here in Music City. If you're interested in adding this fun entertainment element to your next party, contact us today. We will help you secure your date, begin picking out your playlist, and begin creating an incredible experience!

Written by: J. McGee