Nashville DJ Diaires | DJ vs DIY

When you're preparing for an event, one of the first steps you usually take typically involves deciding on a budget. Once you start those initial steps of calling around, signing contracts, putting down deposits, and checking off your list the familiar may happen.. You may realize that you're dwindling the budget away too quickly. So you start thinking what are some things I can either go without or do myself, and a piece of advice we're going to tell you: please do yourself a favor and do NOT go without a DJ. You're probably thinking well there are so many apps these days that will allow me to set-up playlists, plug in my phone, and press play. And while that may seem like an easy, more affordable approach we guarantee you that it will not only dwindle your time and your budget away buying music and trying to create a playlist that matches your ambiance, it will dwindle your excitement too. Snyder Entertainment will always have a huge advantage over just playing music off of your phone.. 1) We have literally thousands of songs at our fingertips and you can select from our full library of music at no additional charge.. 2) We're able to instantly adjust the music to fit the crowds mood, the theme of the event, and keep the evening flowing flawlessly.. 3) Our job is to read the crowd and keep everyone on the dance floor and we just so happen to be professionally trained and able to do that with ease.. 4) We are able to fix any technical issues that may arise and believe me, they do.. and 5) We can provide you with information regarding so many other services, products, and even refer to you other vendors. Just to name a few reasons .. Still not convinced? Take a look at the DJ vs. DIY chart we created below, and then call us.. You'll be glad you did.

Why not hire a Snyder Entertainment professional trained DJ that has the tools, creativity and knowledge to provide guests with the memories of having attended an awesome party? Let us craft more than event, let us create an experience. Your event will be on fire.. we guarantee it.

Written by: J. McGee