Nashville DJ Diaries | A Love Story for the Ages

Kathy + Mark

Saturday | 11.19.16

DJ/MC | Clark Kelly

Ruskin Cave

Vendors: Planning + Coordinator, Summer Sheldon of Social Ambitions Officiant, Steven Lee | Photographer, Derrick Pierce | Videography, Scott Lee Caterer, House Blend Catering | Cake, Megalicious Cakes | Dress, Amy Grooms of Fabulous Frocks | Reception Design + Floral Design,  Tim Myatt Productions | Sanctuary Flowers + Bouquets, Carl's Flowers| Invitations, Donna Birtels Invitations

Mark and Kathy's love story begins when they were each in high school, roughly 40 years ago in Dickson, Tennessee. They dated throughout high school but then unfortunately had to separate and they wouldn't see each other again until they were in their late 50's. They would go on from high school to lead successful lives in their careers and each start families. Their lives both took turns when they found themselves a couple of years ago separated from previous spouses and after these years apart, they would each be wondering what could of been. Mark told me that a couple of years ago, he was at home and got a very strange feeling, smelt a very familiar ladies perfume, and the first thought that popped into his mind was that something was wrong with Kathy. Unknown to Mark, Kathy had recently lost her Mother, was going through a divorce, and was feeling incredible emotional and vulnerable. So Mark did what anyone would do now days, he got on Facebook and searched for Kathy. As fate would have it, he found her. 

After talking for awhile, they decided to meet one another where it all began: in Dickson, Tennessee. They said they both instantly knew that being together was their destiny, even through all of life's triumphs and trials. They talked about how they had never forgotten about one another and they always thought of each other fondly, even knowing in their back of their minds that wasn't the moral thing to do, so they would try their hardest to forget about the other. But some love stories just can't be so easily erased.

Mark and Kathy decided, after dating again for awhile, that they finally wanted to seal their love story with vows and get married.. And that's where Snyder Entertainment comes in; I met Mark and Kathy in a local Starbucks and over lattes, they told me their love story. Trying to hold back tears, I knew instantly that I wanted to work with them for their upcoming wedding day and that is exactly what we did. After phone calls, emails, meetings, and more I quickly became friends with Kathy and I felt like I was just as excited about her wedding day as she was! Clark Kelly was the assigned DJ/MC and he said it was a really fun night, full of dancing and surrounded by great people. Keep reading to learn more about their 'must play' list, the song Mark wrote about Kathy + her famous little red car, and how we took a high school diary entry + vintage car replica to make their custom gobo design..

Special Songs Playlist:

  • First Dance, "Colour My World" by Chicago
  • Wedding Reception Intro, "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Taco
  • Cake Cutting, "Marry Me" by Train
  • Last Dance, "The Time of My Life" by Bill Medley + Jennifer Warnes


Now this song was a must play! Mark wrote this song to Kathy..

Custom Gobo Design

During our first conversation together, Kathy told me about the diary she kept while she was dating Mark in high school, and that all those years ago on November 19th she had written that this day in particular was 'a very special day.' Turns out that it was a very special day because that was the exact date of their first kiss. Looking back, little did either of them know at the time that 11-19 would also become their wedding day and that they would seal their vows as husband and wife with a kiss..

Kathy and Mark also told me about Kathy's signature red car, that Mark wrote the above song about, and that throughout the years every time he saw a red car, he always thought of Kathy. They already knew they were going to include the red car in their wedding theme from the invitations to the decor. After thinking about it and knowing that Snyder Entertainment can produce custom gobo's, I had the idea to make a custom gobo for their very special day! I asked Kathy to scan and send me her handwriting from her high school diary where she wrote "Today was Nov. 19. A very special day." and I also asked them to send over the signature red car file that they were already incorporating into their wedding. Once I had both of those files, it was time to produce their custom gobo..

Thank you to Snyder Entertainment for a wonderful evening at our wedding reception at Ruskin Cave. Clark did a fabulous job with the music! The special lighted logo on the floor of our theme with the actual words from my diary from 1970 was a special touch. Thanks for making a great evening even greater!! Amazing time- and we all enjoyed dancing to the fun music!
— Kathy

Written by: J. McGee