Nashville Corporate Clients Love Snyder Entertainment's Casino Parties!

Nashville is a growing dynamic market full of exciting opportunities. Not only is the corporate work market here growing by leaps and bounds but many companies from out of town are coming here for their conferences and meetings. Good management knows and understands the correlation between rested happy workers and motivated problem solvers. At Snyder Entertainment we understand this concept and so we have developed a growing entertainment business model with both our neighbors and those visiting our great city. The key for us is to provide that moment of escape. You have been in meetings all day planning the next year and perhaps you need the opportunity to do something different; to let go and relax. Perhaps that means spending some time with your co-workers that you already know and many that you do not know. That is why many of our services are designed as team builders as well as entertainment pieces.. And one of those popular corporate pieces, that has quickly taken off in the past year, is our Custom Casino Events. We bring the fun of Las Vegas into your office or chosen venue, all the while creating exciting, interactive team building exercises through table games such as Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. Don't just hire a DJ! Roll the dice with Snyder Entertainment and let us bring the fun of Vegas to your company with a custom Casino Party!

  • Blackjack | with 7 Playing Positions
  • Poker Table | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Craps Table | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Roulette | with 10 Playing Positions
  • Casino War | with 8 Playing Positions
  • Money Wheel | with 15 + Player Positions
  • Slot Machines | 1 Position Per machine

A combination of the games above sounds like the perfect set up for a fun night in viva Las Nashvegas! Want to truly bring Vegas to your corporate event? Well, we can help you with our inventory of games! Not only can we provide the traditional casino games listed above, but we also have arcade style games like electronic darts, half court basketball hoops, foosball, ping pong, billiards, Pacman, and even life size board games like XL Jenga, the fun of karaoke machines, and so much more! Just ask for us for all the details..

Make sure to add our fabulous entertainment elements to really set off your event. If you want to jazz up your event just a notch more let us come in with our Lighting Design and create an atmosphere that excites and motivates your team. Like the event above, they combined a theme with their casino party and brought in up lighting, and casino themed gobo lights to elevate their event. I repeat this in almost every post that I write, but lighting is one of the most underestimated key components to a corporate event! What's the first thing you think of when you think of Vegas? Lights!! Lights are everywhere, similar to all of the neon signs that line the streets of Broadway. So you've added lighting, what else can you possibly add to bring even more fun? Well don't forget about including music! You can't underestimate how much music transforms the energy in the room. It may not seem that people are paying attention but they are; having an upbeat playlist is so important when you have a high number of guests in a large venue.

With our Casino Packages, you also get table attendants that are professionally trained to all of the games just like in Vegas! Our team of Dealers bring energy, game knowledge, and they are stationed at the tables to collect and pay bets for the players. Our Dealers love themes and aren't afraid to fit in with the trend or dress in classic suits like they do in Sin City! Another great way to elevate your Casino party is with our a la carte event additions. Let us bring in our Photo Booths, Green Screen Photo Booths, Step and Repeat Photography and don't worry about getting pictures for this years slide show. We will capture all of the fun and your guests will love it! Such a fun + great way to keep everyone excited, and the photos give your guests something to take home from the night (sorry we can't supply replicas of my flashing sign, there's only two made in the world).

Recently, we provided our Casino set up for our corporate clients over at NSG. After the event was over we received the following email, in which NSG was thanking their employees and showcasing the event...

Once again we at Snyder Entertainment want to be the only phone call you have to make!  Let us be the complete solution to your meeting or conference this year.  Contact us immediately to start planning your casino event + we'll help you start your team building efforts today!